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October 24, 2020, 06:03:43 pm
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Canadian Space Technology

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Author Topic: Canadian Space Technology  (Read 707 times)
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« on: April 03, 2008, 05:53:06 pm »

I don't think I could have said it any better myself Don and sadly I do not anticipate anything much moor from our local news nor. Lately the only interesting topics in specthread, based on comments submitted by readers like you and I and specthread staffers, are a sport of Springstein, shoveling snow and USW in the gates of AMD O'fasco. Also, much of the information available on the Internet concerning Radarsat 2 only glosses over the militate umbra of this technology's zoot suited cruisers. Screw sovreignty. Such matters are of no concern to ordinary denizens when confronted about-face with the massive abrasion of crock'em -n- stock'em blue-bun-burn and our green certs are chock full of envy from the gagged, all-in-one bagged fluff, we're being stuffed. And into borrowed tanks no less!

Ottawa is putting off the decision for thirty days as of March 20th:
Ruling on sale of Radarsat-2, Canadarm to U.S. arms maker delayed -

Perhaps Earth Day April 19th will be composed with plenty of Lawrence Welklike smoke bubbles in a melody we can all dance around to, so we won't notice when the winky winks move our worlds closer to the brinky brinks by a sale that stinks of rinky-dink pinky-linked thinking.

Onto another story with a nice bust of the modern day Marc Garneau; A former space man bursting with integrity. Who has seen our home planet from a perspective it seems far fewer of us will ever know for sure. I think Marc is warming us that this sale would dry up all hope of Canadian prestige in any future high tech exploitation of outer space fruit, in which Canada might project, profit and protect it's people, its interests, or watch its ice melt and lochs drain with astonishing clarity. Did I forget to mention sparse exploration? Oops, I meant to say, oh my, space. Why am I writing this?

Here's a story I've seen in which the author rubs some rather intuitive bluing onto the battle for the skies loaded barrel. See for yourself and notice the word SOLD in the headline...
MAJIIC Wars: Canada's RADARSAT satellite company sold to "Weapons and Space" giant, ATK -

We're not fools are we? MDA has not been sold as of April 1, 2008, because of the prudent delay by our respectable Lords and Ladies. But if you were to look at ATK's web site, deep south in the sojourn of stars and stripes, you'd alas be in zest to believe Radarsat 2 is already in their celestial pocket. I guest just because the snareholders have already been touting it about so, EH?

Reaching New Frontiers? WOW!!! Did y'all get a heap loaded eye full of those ardor piercing lightly munged onions? Makes ya wanna cry.

Ask yourself this, "Why are the only real meaty reports from independent sources or the CBC?" And then please do share where the saving's grace and humble's good home-baked pie may be ought. I'd like to start shelving some for family's friends and neighbors because this might shifting could get the reel's uglisome like zeally quick. Or at least we'll know by earth day unto which vast vane the bubbles vain worth bloweth next...
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