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June 25, 2018, 07:40:24 am
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Hamilton Airport

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Author Topic: Hamilton Airport  (Read 349 times)
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« on: April 15, 2006, 08:10:54 am »

Straighten up and fly right

Hamilton airport
By Robert Howard
The Hamilton Spectator
(Apr 15, 2006)

“City council and staff appear to be asleep at the switch on airport growth and development.”
Perhaps, or just lacking in the skill to understand the basic principal of business management. A historical
down fall to this City. With millions of our tax dollars blowing around, John C Munro Hamilton Airport without
direction, like City Council. Over the years this City invests out tax dollars and fails to insure that it follows
through in the management of such, acting like children who see possibilities but have not the experience or
the maturity to understand the long term or the short term effects while they leave the tax payer on the hook.

Again, and again this City demonstrates that it lacks the basic skills to manage and follow through on such
complex issues. HECFI is another prime example including
“amalgamation....number of other pressing issues,
from budgets to Red Hill.”
all of these issues are contributing to the further deterioration of this city.

It is little wonder that this City finds it difficult to attract new business to this city and that there is such resistance
on the part of many to invest in the downtown, in particular the broader tax payer. These facts were generated
by the many who disagreed with amalgamation. A city that could not manage it’s affairs, a city that was collapsing
on it’s self. A fear that our tax dollars would be funnelled into a bottomless pit. A history repeating it’s self, taking
along with it a larger part of Ontario communities.

What do you think..?
Comments appreciated

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