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February 08, 2023, 02:11:15 am
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Few Solutions to Caledonia

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Author Topic: Few Solutions to Caledonia  (Read 482 times)
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« on: September 16, 2007, 11:20:21 am »

Mohawk chief offers prayers...
Provincial Party leaders offer
Sept, 15, 2007

Few Solutions to Caledonia

Only ideologies and posturing in the abstract continue to be flaunted as resolutions to a two hundred year
Unresolved conflict. Where the rule of law is painted in shades of gray, where violence and personal property
And the lives of the people in Caledonia have become pawns of rhetoric. What is clear is that no other protest
Would be allowed to escalated to this point.
How far are we away from another, Oct. 13, 1963 when "Pierre Trudeau took to the radio airwaves himself to
Try to reassure jittery Canadians....the tone of the October Crisis changed when the Chenier cell of the FLQ
Announced to a radio station that Pierre Laporte had been murdered for the cause of Quebec independence.
The communique directed reporters to the airport at St.-Hubert, Quebec, where the body of Laporte was found
Stuffed in the trunk of Paul Rose's Chevrolet. He had been strangled."

The flip side is the tragedy erupted with Dudley George at Ipperwash in 1995 where impatience begot transcended
Logic. Both the Tory and Hamption were critical of the McCuinty Liberals in the handling of the land claims dispute,
Suggesting a lack of leader ship, while McGuinty focused the blame on the federal Government. Now, with the
Escalation of Sam Gualtieri suffering serious facial injuries and possible brain injuries when he was assaulted with clubs
Inside his house demonstrates just how far out of control the situation has become.

Where do social liberties end and the rights of a society begin...or do we wait for some tragic outcome before the
Lines of democracy and the rule of law are adhered too? Has our political legal system be come so tarnishes with
Electoral whitewash that it's prepared to violate the rule of law. It's time to set a line of expectations before this
Escalates into a further blood bath. On the other hand it an election year....lets uses this dilemma as a political
Football game, in order to gain some brownie points at the expense of the innocent.

What do you think...?

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