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February 08, 2023, 01:45:04 am
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Peak oil conflict...

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Author Topic: Peak oil conflict...  (Read 338 times)
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« on: August 03, 2007, 01:30:53 pm »

Peak oil conflict...


The trap...federal governments fat cow...the largest financial tax bite. Billions of dollars flow daily into the
the feds trough, creating one of the largest conflict of interest in our society. A critical dilemma to ween it's
self from such resources even though it's a detriment to long range sustainability to our society as a whole.
The feds are not interested in serious alternatives as they pay lip service to alternatives like supporting
high speed electric trains. To take this a step further in now shares this billion dollar tax grab with the
provincial  and local municipalities imbedding further dependency.

The facts are the city of Hamilton is entrenched in this conflict, on one hand the city required such funding
on the other it creates a political nightmare to advocate any other form of energy usage. The may have an
effect on the total amount of oil consumed, thus decreeing to overall total of funds received based on the 5%
margin allotted by the feds. The same analogy could be made with yesterdays "tobacco"  tax,  20 years
ago the federal government knew of the risks of such but the almighty tax returns were to tempting.
Consequently resulting in the continued support of the tobacco industry, until the death rates and liability
suits over the industry ultimately demanded action.

It should be noted that the feds have always conceded the the oil industry required funds for exploration
of further finds. Perhaps it's time to provide the tax breaks for Oil giants and for them to invest some of
their billions into alternative energy. At the present time the primary focus on energy is directed towards
the consumer higher prices and more taxes, while said industries and governments are pocketing billions.

On one hand governments flaunt that we should conserve, on the other hand they offer little as an alternative
with the exception of buying new efficient auto, dryers, refrigerators, and light bulbs....collecting more tax
dollars....like a shell game the government controls the the pea...always shifting to the responsibility on the
tax payer. How do they do that? Because we play the game and buy into this rhetoric. When in fact our
responsibility it to hold our governments responsible, to act in our best interests and not to satisfy their
political agendas when it does not meet with our best interests...Canadians eh....

What do you think...?

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