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May 23, 2018, 02:44:20 pm
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The art of deal-making

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Author Topic: The art of deal-making  (Read 294 times)
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« on: February 12, 2007, 04:28:00 pm »

Is the art of deal-making
absent at Hamilton city hall?


Deal makers, deal breakers with integrity sliding under the doors. In 2006 councilor threatened because he changed his mind with regards to the Lister
Block. The King Street East cafe has officially closed. The City knowing full well that nature of this business  “Goodwin laid it all out in meetings with city
staff, local business owners and even the police vice and drugs unit, but was licensed irregardless. The Mayor of the day entwined and charged for
illegally accepting election funds. Here, here now it's 2007 three fired from the licensing department with assurances that this corruption is isolated.

A back room deal to resolve a law suit? Here, here...though city council has already voted on the matter...with a majority vote and now we are back
peddling. This city is approaching the Federal Government knees bent and please. If this City did not have the fortitude to follow through it should have
taken the lower road and sucked it in.  So tell me where is the, "Art of deal making."

Doesn't this make one wonder about every other deal that's flaunted and so called represented as a city need...the Airport development, how HECFI is
handled, including the Lister block...and now that 3% tax increase. Where is the accountability and transparency? A city with the highest poverty rate
and where 32% of the population leave the City daily for employment and we can afford to ban construction of nuclear reactors in the Hamilton area?
Now left with the highest taxes per household in Southwestern Ontario and by the way take a look at the roads around this city...they are starting to
look and feel like cow trails... oh more taxes...and what did I get for my taxes last year...here, here, "a tax bill"

What do you think...?
Comments appreciated
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