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February 08, 2023, 12:55:29 am
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CAS executive, perks a necessary

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Author Topic: CAS executive, perks a necessary  (Read 377 times)
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« on: December 06, 2006, 10:37:27 am »

CAS executive says,
"perks a necessary 'motivation'"
December 06, 2006

Carolyn Buck, executive director of the Toronto Children's Aid Society.
"When people from business (backgrounds) come to the Children's Aid Society's boards, they apply business sort of
thinking to the health and well-being of executives," she said, adding that on-the-job-extras serve as "motivation to continue
to do this very difficult work. This is a high stress job."

The serious issue that is embedded in the Auditor General is an overwhelming disregard for funds that are donated and tax
dollars that are infused into this system for "desperate children" and while Burk insists that, ""We put the needs of children
first all the time." the Auditor General report, allege the societies aren't following the law to protect children. In one-third of
cases reviewed, initial visits to children at risk were late by an average of three weeks. Some children weren't seen at all."

Locally, Both Hamilton CAS executive director Dominic Verticchio and CCAS executive director Beatrice Kemp said,
"no one from their agencies has an expensive car or has gone on expensive trips at the agency's expense." but there are
many who have for years who have complained of systemic abuse of Children's Aids. There have been many voices calling,
"for a change in our province as the CAS has had to much power with no one to answer to for to many years." "Ms. Horwath
assistant, today. She explained Bill 88, Ms. Horwath has introduced has gone through the first reading. This bill wants the
Ombudsman to be the one to probe into any wrong doing reports by the CAS. As the Ombudsman's office is totally non bias.
Though this is being stated and a definite need, the ultimate responsibility for such agencies lies with the Ministry of Community
and Social Services who licenses these agencies and that by law, said Ministry is responsible to supervise and insure that such
licensed agencies adhere to provincial regulations set out under the CFSA. The paradox is that the Auditor General did not
go to the systemic foot hold of these issues and the thousand of yearly complaints of this system that are the ultimate
responsibility of the Ontario Government, the "Ministry of Community and Social Service". It is apparent that said Ministry
is hiding behind the 53 licensed Children's aid and has become as systemically immune to the issues that are sometimes
allowed to destroy the lives of individuals and in some cases, the death of a child while in the custody of it's licensed
agencies, "In the best interests of the child"

What do you think...?

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