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October 24, 2020, 05:06:19 pm
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Farmer sour over ban on raw milk sales

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Author Topic: Farmer sour over ban on raw milk sales  (Read 504 times)
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« on: December 07, 2006, 01:19:11 pm »

Raw Milk / Pasteurized

In a world of high production, where money is the governing factor, the recognition that the intake
of hormones and medicated foods that drive high production of milk in to days world, entwined with
the high stress of dairy cattle society must balance the risk of probability. There is little doubt that
careful husbandry and ideal diets that raw milk could be produced that would meet the high safety
standards. The difficulty, as a society, would be the monitoring of each dairy herd to insure such
a standard. Over the past forty to sixty years the focus of the milk delivery system has been dedicated
to bulk safety that offers a society the optimal safety net to a product that is distributed to millions and
has the potential of having and adverse effect on thousands of lives. Perhaps one need to examine this
with an analogy. The use of condoms and safe sex; for a small percentage that are allergic to latex, the
benefits from it's use are far out weighed, rather than distributing or contacting aids.

The dilemma of choice is always the pragmatic stumbling block of a free society. Are the producers and
sellers of raw milk willing to accept full responsibility for their product, bearing all costs to health, if this
was to occur, including the control and damages should it be found to be the cause of an epidemic?

It is the authors intent as with any issue is to elevate such topics for discussion; the maintenance of democracy
is not acting or reacting in blind faith but rather a re-examination of issues that continually maintains checks
and balance to ensure our freedom of choice is preserved and is shrouded in the common good of all.

What do you think...?

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