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June 25, 2018, 07:38:54 am
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Di Ianni Promises 1,000 Jobs

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Author Topic: Di Ianni Promises 1,000 Jobs  (Read 258 times)
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« on: October 12, 2006, 01:13:14 pm »

Di Ianni Promises 1,000 Jobs

A little too late-
The tracts have been laid...

“Di Ianni says, he's been building the groundwork in the last three years, finding funding to service industrial parks
and finishing development plans.”
The promise of a 1000 jobs over four years is dust of  political rambles that fails to meet the simple reality in Hamilton
but demonstrates that Di Ianni has not given this fundamental issues, that is crippling this City, much thought. A City
with the highest poverty with 32% of the working population forced to leave this City daily for sustainable employment.
Moreover, Di Ianni fails to discuss the nature of such, with regards to the sustainability of these jobs.

Di Ianni states that, "I want to build on the momentum that we've already established."
A momentum that lives in his mind...that seems to be the cancer that plagues the city as he failed to remember that
2400 jobs that would have result in Maple Leaf Foods plant that he let slip through his fingers.

This promise of 1000 jobs over four years in not a promise at all, the odds are the simple natural growth through existing
employment will provide such...What this City need is a minimum of 2400 new jobs per year, for the next four years...
that are sustainable and provide realistic wages for long term sustainability for families in the City...

...New tracts need to be laid....
can you ride the rails for all our future?
stand on meaningless words that fade
or continue plights of such conjecture,
transparency a hand that you played,
can you ride the rails for all our future?

Your vote is important!
Vote November 13th

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated
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