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June 25, 2018, 07:38:35 am
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Larry Di Ianni, Wet Behind the Ears

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Author Topic: Larry Di Ianni, Wet Behind the Ears  (Read 333 times)
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« on: October 04, 2006, 10:28:13 am »

ďLarry Di Ianni, Wet Behind the EarsĒ

Mayor to boost community councils

By Nicole MacIntyre
The Hamilton Spectator
(Oct 4, 2006)

Community councils...just another manipulative ploy...What is Di Ianni really saying, that the elected members of City
Hall, once elected. do have not time to deal with issues within amalgamated towns...or that the city will defer issues,
for such amalgamated, that it does not want to address, to Community councils. The facts are Di Iann, we donít want
to here opinions form Community councils who have no authority. We want our concerns address by those we elect
and not some appointed bureaucrat that has been appointed to differ or manipulate our democratic rights. If this City
is admitting that it can no longer address the issues of said amalgamated towns, perhaps itís time that such amalgamated
towns join together and elect their own mayor and councilors, forming a City Coalition Municipal Government...

Di Ianni, this proposed community council is a rouge that allows indiscriminate divisive political manipulation that does not
serve the greater good of Hamilton. Either this city deals with the uniqueness that encompasses all the parts or it admits
that  itís only intention is to use such amalgamation as a funnel for funds for the downtown.

Di Ianni you canít suck and blow at the same time...prosperity and growth need to be a benefit to all sectors of this city
not just in areas where you can cultivate numbers for your election...a sense of fairness across the whole city...
but then....this has not been your style.....itís always been about you, me, myself and I...

Your vote is important!
Vote November 13th

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated

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