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Election Yawner

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Author Topic: Election Yawner  (Read 388 times)
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« on: October 01, 2006, 09:37:28 am »

Election could be yawner
By Nicole Macintyre
The Hamilton Spectator
(Sep 30, 2006)


This "election could be a yawner" is more apt to be close to the truth. This facts reflects
Two major facts. First none of the mayoralty candidates have presented Hamiltonions
With a major vision to long term sustainability. That is, how this city is going to create
An atmosphere that will attract new business and focusing on the development of browfields.

This side steps four major issues plaguing this city, poverty. The fact the 32% of
Hamilton’s work forces leaves the city daily for employment. The improvement of the tax
Base to insure future resources for the greater development of the downtown. Lastly,
Developing a plan that creates an atmosphere of growth and cooperation with areas that
Have been amalgamated into this city for greater autonomy and shared prosperity. But rather
The focus is on elevating fear tactics of crime that will be debated over the next four years.

It is little wonder the Hamiltonions sigh with disgusting, yawns noting, the same old horses
Forging the historical game that provides little vision to the downtown rubble, burred in taxes
For services not received and looking for sustainable jobs that are not here to be found. While
The city spends billions on Aerotropolis development, the Lister block with little or no financial
Return while the balance of Hamilton is generally ignored, with the exception of citizen action
Groups that threaten to sue....

Your vote is important!
Vote November, 13th

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated

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Posts: 104

The Older I get The less I know for sure

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« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2006, 01:06:10 pm »

“If all candidates where given equal opportunity in the press,
this election would be everything but a yawner.”

By: Diane Elms

After reading the article in Thursdays Spectator titled “Mayoral Rivals Duel Over New Police” I had to immediately sit down and write this letter.

Several things need to be brought to light regarding this article.  First of all, anyone who reads the Spectator would have to ask themselves how many candidates are running for mayor.  In the past, the Spec has reported that there are indeed 8, yet in this article, as with many others, they give the lion’s share of coverage to the same three, namely, Larry Di Ianni, Fred Eisenberger, and Dave Braden.  Is it because the newspaper has decided that this trio represents the voter’s favourites?  If that’s the case, the Spectator isn’t following its own coverage because in a poll of voters entitled “The 10-Point Pulse” from this past Wednesday, voters asked put candidate Diane Elms in the top three. 

Also with regard to the policing issue, I’d just like to point out that Larry Di Ianni and Fred Eisenberger are wasting a lot of energy debating an issue that does not reflect high on the voters’ list of needs.  In “The 10-Point Pulse”article, members of the public were asked “Do you feel safe in your community?”  If I am reading the results correctly, approximately 68% of the respondents said yes.  If that’s the case do we really need to spend as much as 9 million dollars on more police in the next four years as the Mayor has proposed? 

Here is how I would handle the same issue.  First, the person we should be consulting on this question is Police Chief Brian Mullan.  Second, I believe the issue is more of an accountability issue for criminals, and standing behind our police officers and laws, and that means everyone.   Anyone who does the crime needs to get a clear, firm and united message that they will indeed pay heavy consequences.  No more slaps on the wrist, crime and violence will no longer be tolerated in Hamilton. 

I would also like to invite the Spectator to follow the high reporting ideals it not only claims to possess, but has also printed in its pages in a recent article by Spec reporter Dana Robbins.  This article titled “Telling a Story Many Did Not Want Told” was dated this past September 23rd.  In it, he was critical of the mayor’s office in Hamilton for withholding critical information from the general public regarding the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in the city.  As we know, this outbreak claimed a life.  To quote Robbins, he stated “As a newspaper, we think that is wrong”.  He also stated in the article “our revolution is not defined by a specific kind of content but rather by our willingness - even eagerness - to be always evolving and changing, looking for ways to better serve our readers and to respond to their own ever-evolving media habits”  as he addressed a conference in Washington.  My question to Mr. Robbins and the staff at the Spectator is, why doesn’t their newspaper practice what it preaches?  By not including all mayoral candidates in its coverage on issues of utmost importance to its readers, it would appear it is playing the same game it accuses the mayor’s office of playing.   There are mayoral and ward candidates interested in getting the word out about how they would serve Hamilton, and what they see wrong in the current system, who would use much the same quote as Robbins: “Let the readers hear and see our willingness - even eagerness - to be always evolving and changing, looking for ways to better serve and response to the ever-evolving needs of the Greater City of Hamilton”.

In closing, I would like to again extend a kind and sincere invitation from this mayoral candidate (whom, I’ll humbly point out, voters are interested in hearing from as I rated 3rd in your recent public opinion survey).  Please contact me, and the other worthy mayoral and ward candidates, for our opinions on issues as they relate to the upcoming municipal election.

Candidate for Mayor
Hamilton - built by ordinary people
with extraordinary dreams
Your vote is important!
Vote November 13th

Diane Elms 4 Mayor

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated
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