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June 25, 2018, 07:39:01 am
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Throws his hat into race for mayor

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Author Topic: Throws his hat into race for mayor  (Read 280 times)
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« on: September 06, 2006, 09:32:40 am »

Eisenberger throws his hat into race for mayor


By Andrew Dreschel
The Hamilton Spectator
(Sep 6, 2006)

“There is no doubt that in some quarters there's a mood for change --
call it an anyone-but-Di Ianni sentiment --
but there's no sure way of knowing how wide or how deep it runs.”

The election should not be about Di Ianne, but about the nature of politics in this city and a major focus
on sustainability. The ideals of appearances of the downtown is important, considering that this city has one
of the highest poverty rates, intertwined with the fact that 32% of the working population wanders in and
out of this city for work, the unrealistic tax base that fails to provide the many securities that are imbedded
within. Lastly the many issues that seem to contradict the desire of the city to attract new business.

It has been held for too long, that Hamilton City Hall is one of the most incompetent, ill mannered, and
disorganized in the GTA. Moreover, the focus over the past years has been solely fixated on the downtown
and the airport, Lister block, and the continued dumping major funds into HECFI  with little or no return.
With little focus, to none on attracting “NEW” business that adds to the sustainability of this city. More so
to the contrary time and money is spent on aligning “signs” imposing further costs on existing business that
are already struggling to survive a tax base that does not reflect services provided nor their financial returns.
Trembling at the doorway is the city flaunting that said business are failing to maintain their properties to
a acceptable standard.

What this City of Hamilton need is a new direction, a direction for outward growth. A City that welcomes
new sustainable endeavors, providing employment, eliminating poverty. Expanding out tax base, rather than
remaining self consuming or the rubble of the downtown will continue to grow like a cancer through this City.

Show me a Mayor with a vision
give me councilors with a plan
I will show you a City that can stand
with pride, honor and a helping hand.

Your vote is important!
Vote November 13th

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated

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