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February 08, 2023, 01:11:27 am
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Critics of Bill 52

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Author Topic: Critics of Bill 52  (Read 402 times)
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The Older I get The less I know for sure

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« on: August 31, 2006, 09:52:27 am »

Critics of Bill 52

By Rob Faulkner
The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 31, 2006)

I find this scenario as rather backwards, and wonder whether this bill will be deemed constitutional.
The entitlement to education, health and the pursuit of liberty and happiness. I am not suggestion that
the idea of maintaining kids in school until the age of 18 is not a good idea. But the facts are that this
is a Draconian law. The facts are that that teens at this age are propelled at exerting their freedom,
in particular those who have had poor success in our school system.

Thirty years have passed since truant offerers failed to insure that children stayed in school. A time
when rights, freedom of choice, became the nuance for schools and society to wash their hands of
encouraging kids to remain in school. 

The critics are not to far off as they conclude “It has led critics to worry about what Bill 52 may create:
school fraud in which teens register for school but never go, just to get their driver's licence. Or dropouts
who drive cars without a licence or insurance, putting them at risk of personal or financial ruin. Or rural
teens stranded without wheels.”

To add to this tail, some are suggesting, that they will just leave the province. This may in reality prove
to be detriment to families and perhaps destroying the possible potential of many to return to school
later on in this province and forever disbarred from family support. But then if it’s the province intent
to avoid dealing creatively by creating a positive atmosphere that promoted a willingness to learn,
then the province will have succeeded.

What do you think...?

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Posts: 104

The Older I get The less I know for sure

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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2006, 09:14:11 am »

Critics of Bill 52

In spite of all to wisdom acquired over the years in particular when it's toward the encouraging and development
of our children our Liberal government seems to be reverting to punitive measures from the dark ages.
Using the whip of control and negative reinforcement to maintain children in school, but contributing little
to encourage participation, only stressing attendance.

On the other hand, if government was to introduce the idea that it would contribute to the cost of drivers
education for every child who demonstrated, though academically disadvantaged, through persistence
and effort to remain in school until the age of 18 may prove far more effective. Moreover, the result of
such may help bridge the gap between levels of immaturity within this age group and foster many with
the motivation to further studies.

Moreover, the idea of instituting fines for employers, parents who hire or are victims of a failed education
system is nothing more that a punitive money grab that will foster further distaste for these children who
are on the fringes, perhaps forcing many of these children into a subculture that is already within their
grip. Perhaps, it would be far better to use encouragement and create School that are required to provide
half days in class for those who can demonstrate they are employed the other half.

Considering, that today’s evolution with regard to education is a revolving door. With the speed of technology
and world changes the education system requires greater fluidity and flexibility. We no longer can subscribe
to the ideology that what I learned five years ago will be sustainable today. Consequently, Bill 52 is a return
to the dark ages.

What do you think...?

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