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June 18, 2018, 11:04:49 pm
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Hamilton Council dismisses 60 million dollars a year

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Author Topic: Hamilton Council dismisses 60 million dollars a year  (Read 375 times)
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The Older I get The less I know for sure

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« on: August 25, 2006, 10:19:59 am »

Hamilton Council dismisses 60 million dollars a year-

Halton garbage plan praised by minister
Spectator wire services

In the past months City council were presented with the idea of adding millions of dollars to itís base.
A perpetual and increasing flowing dollars into the infrastructure and the Hamilton tax base. Millions
of yearly dollars that could have seen the downtown busses converted to being Hydro driven. Sufficient
hydro to energize an electric rail system through the GTA. enabling the shipping of goods and services
while eliminating pollution. Establishing a mode of transportation that would eliminate half the the traffic
and pollution through the 400 highways within the GTA corridors.

Creating future sustainable Hydro for decades to come, moreover eliminating many of the vast garbage
land fill sights. Furthermore, providing secure and long term employment, ensuring that we could secure
new business to the area with the knowledge of added hydro security.

Through Europe, Italy, Denmark, Sweden including in our own British Columbia, have designed incinerators
that expel a better quality of air, that is cleaner healthier that present government requirements. Sadly, Hamilton
City Council is more concerned with itís image, than the financial well being of this City...Mayor Di Ianni and...
wants to see his name engraved on the Lister block and Airport spending billions of our dollars without any,
of little return...While congratulations go out to Halton Region for embracing a vision, where as our Hamilton
elected flaunt in hobbles through the rubble of out downtown decay.

What do you think....?

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Posts: 104

The Older I get The less I know for sure

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« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2006, 12:45:48 pm »

There is some controversy as to the methodology of incineration of Garbage
or the fermentation of garbage to generate electricity with methane gas. But
the reality is that Hamilton has been siting with this said potential for years,
and it seems as though itís going to allow this valuable and renewable energy
to slip through our fingers.

For further information on the fermenting of garbage to generate electricity;

Just for the record, there is no doubt that we are discussing a large investment
but it is equally the returns are sustainable for years and considering these returns
are in the millions. Moreover, with and expected population growth to exceed
1.6 million in the next ten years, we could be looking up to a hundred million in
yearly returns considering the present situation throughout the greater GTA.

Oh..It a matter of image, and maintaining out pollution levels
the rubble of the downtown and lets not forget, itĎs the priority
with the Lister block and airport that we invest millions with
little or no return...

What do you think....?

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