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June 25, 2018, 07:38:20 am
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Diane Elms 4 Mayor -2006

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Author Topic: Diane Elms 4 Mayor -2006  (Read 317 times)
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« on: August 19, 2006, 04:38:59 pm »

Diane Elms 4 Mayor -2006

Some aspire to become politicians. These people chart their lives, social events, friends, places of residence and volunteer work to create a good campaign.
Others get into politics because a need arises. These people haven't thought of themselves as a politician, but they care about the people in their city, and
the future of their city. That's the category I fall into.

My name is Diane Elms. I am an Iridology Practitioner and was awarded the 2006 Iridologist of the Year for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Iridology
presented by the International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA). My business website.
will give you more details about my career. I am 47 years young, born and lived most of my life in Hamilton. I am married with three grown children.
As well as being a natural health care practitioner, I am also on staff at Crossfire Assembly where I look after the finances.

This February one ordinary day became an extraordinary day for me. After reading The Hamilton Spectator I was frustrated and fed up with article
after article on the inappropriate handling of our money and talk of increased property taxes. I was most frustrated by the indication that our municipal
government is out of touch with the working people of the Greater City of Hamilton. That day I knew I had to do something about it. That day I made
the decision to become a candidate for mayor.

Most people I talked to about municipal government stated they didn't vote or follow municipal politics because their vote wouldn't matter anyway.
The backbone of this city: mothers, fathers, students, working single parents, two-parent working families, seniors, those on disability, the educated,
the less educated, 9-5ers, shift workers, the multiple part timer can't find full time job person, and business owners are disillusioned. The heart and soul
of this city, your neighbour and maybe even you, feel disconnected from the very people entrusted and paid to make decisions on your behalf.

It's time to change all that! Last election less than 40% of eligible voters voted. That means more than 60% didn't voice an opinion. On Monday,
November 13th 2006, those 60% plus some of the 40% will be able to say, "Enough is enough. I'm taking back this city. I may be one vote but my
voice and vote count. I am voting Diane Elms 4 Mayor. I know my voice will be heard and taken with respect."

I believe the citizens of the Greater City of Hamilton need to be heard. All of you need to be heard. I know the problems of this city can be solved
by the people of this city. I am tired of consultants from out of town coming up with 'their solutions' when they don't see, hear or feel our city.
If you see a problem in your neighbourhood, you probably also see a solution. I am tired of hearing about the poverty in this city and having another
committee formed to discuss it. It's time to put words into action. I know of many initiatives that are in place and working already. Why try to reinvent
the wheel? If a program is working let's get it working in Hamilton on a city wide scale.

It's time that every voice in Hamilton is heard once again. It's time that Hamilton lives up to its potential. It's time to stand up for Hamilton.
It's time to vote for change.

Candidate for Mayor
Hamilton - built by ordinary people
with extraordinary dreams

Visit my website at:
...check for further updated


Your vote is important!
Vote November 13th

What do you think...?

Comments appreciated
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