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February 08, 2023, 02:16:41 am
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ADHD risks merit treatment

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Author Topic: ADHD risks merit treatment  (Read 403 times)
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« on: July 23, 2006, 09:14:30 am »

ADHD risks merit treatment
By Dan Marshall, M.D., Hamilton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 22, 2006)

There are two major issues that are raised in the article that are misleading and negates most of the content.
“The U.S. Congress has acknowledged ADHD
as a major public health concern because of the
known consequences
of untreated ADHD,.....”

U.S drug company lobbyist are some of the highest financial contributing to the political arena. To use such remarks
as a foundation in support of drugging millions of children is irresponsible. Some of the major issues with children with
ADD are;
Parents not having the time to spend with their children. Expectations, family routines and structure were inconsistent.
Teachers improperly trained and or crowded classes and becoming  frustrated with the behaviors associated with the
need of these children. Poor and inconsistent communication between school and home, that Ritalin prolongs and
interferes with the development of neurotransmitters.

Another, real issue is that parents, many times are provided with the fact that there child's behaviors are as a result of
a chemical disorder. Parents and teachers make assumptions that, Ritalin will solve the problem. In many cases, the child
takes on this modi-operand, that they are not responsible for their behaviors, consequently behaviors deteriorate, this
attitude is also pervasive as many parents feel guilty because they don't spend sufficient time with their children,
due to many factors-
“Thousands of children take medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” The reality that is ignored,
though thousands of children are pumped with medications, is the many other contributing factors, food and other
forms of environmental allegories, poor diets and the many social domestic and peer pressures including the revolving
door of instability of parents in the home. A society that is fixated on quick fixes, pill popping, that has become the wanted
magic fix all, rather than instilling responsibility, of course that would imply that as a society we need to spend more time
with our children. Perhaps in reflection, like our environment, that is so polluted, we have adopted the same methodology
turning our children into chemical sponges.

What do you think...?

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