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April 24, 2019, 11:47:29 pm
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Contributing To Poverty

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Author Topic: Contributing To Poverty  (Read 287 times)
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« on: April 09, 2006, 04:09:57 pm »


Is the creation of funds contributes from one level of government for a specific purpose while subsidiary governments deducts these funds
from programs that they have established.

In this situation the provincial government who dispense funds to the disabled in Ontario is deducting from contributions from the,
" he National Child Benefit Supplement (NCB) is part of the Canada Child Tax Benefit issued by the Government of Canada” and
redistribuits such as it sees fit...in fact Hamilton city receives 20% of such from the provincial “clawbacks” 2.8 million. The city of
Hamilton and other cities do not endorse this practice, it is a well know fact that when redistributing funds much of these funds
are absorbed in the process, the net result being that systems absorbs such while the poor and the disadvantage are left with the change.


7.1 2006 National Child Benefit (NCB) Strategy (SPH05035(a))/ (FCS05085(a)) (City Wide) "T he National Child Benefit Supplement
(NCB) is part of the Canada Child Tax Benefit issued by the Government of Canada. The NCB is called a supplement because it is
designed to provide extra supportto low-income families with children. The Province of Ontario deducts or "claws back" this supplement
from families receiving Ontario Works (OW) assistance and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) assistance. This deduction is
approximately $100 per child per month. The City of Hamilton receives 20% of these funds annually (approximately $2.8 million)
and is required to reinvest it in programs and supports that attempt to reduce the depth of child poverty, promote employment
for parents, and reduce overlap and duplication."

The city Council of Hamilton.
In an effort to return NCB funds to those families from whom it was taken, the PHCS department proposes to develop a new
program that directs a portion of Hamilton's municipal NCB funds back to OW and ODSP families with children exclusively.
These funds would be available for food, housing costs - such as rent and utilities - clothing, transportation, personal care items,
recreation, child care or other miscellaenous individual needs as determined by the individual families. Similar programs exist in
 London, Peterborough and Toronto.

.OW and ODSP families with children in Hamilton are struggling to meet their basic needs. Since the introduction of the NCB
program by the federal government, the financial situation of families living on social assistance has continued to deteriorate.
The City of Hamilton doesn't endorse the clawback and has requested that the province discontinue the practice. There have
been several communications sent to the Premier. And this approach also fits with the current focus on tackling poverty in
Hamilton . And lastly, the majority of those consulted agree that the NCB should not be deducted from social assistance
payments to families with children. Many people and organizations in the broader community support a change in direction
that would see the municipal portion of the clawback returned to those families from whom it was taken. ."

Your voice to such is paramount...

What do you think ?...

Send Comments to.


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