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February 08, 2023, 12:39:39 am
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Wrongdoing doesn't justify

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Author Topic: Wrongdoing doesn't justify  (Read 360 times)
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« on: June 30, 2006, 08:55:39 am »

Wrongdoing doesn't justify poor behaviour by protesters
By Teresa Rothwell, Port Dover
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 30, 2006)


“However, any past wrongdoing by the Canadian government does not justify present poor behaviour on the part of the Six Nations.
When the letter writer uses the "r" word, he intends to shut down any anti-native sentiment. Righting a few wrongs does not entitle
the Six Nations to hold an entire town hostage. If the "good people" of Caledonia are intolerant of your terrorist tactics,
they are not racists -- they are reasonable.”

When logic fails, historical contracts are broken, when social injustices can no longer be swept under a rug, the only thing left
is to beat to drums of morality. To create a diversion, “racists” “good people” though we dismiss truth and honor that plague
these issues for two hundred years. There is a song title, “Both Sides of the story by Phil Collins” which I include a couple of Stanzas.
Here we are all gathered in what seems to be the centre of the storm
Neighbours once friendly now stand each side of the line that has been drawn
Theyve been fighting here for years, but now theres killing on the streets
While small coffins are lined up sadly, now united in defeat

We always need to hear both sides of the story

And the lights are all on, the world is watching now
People looking for truth, we must not fail them now
Be sure, before we close our eyes
Dont walk away from here
til you see both sides

White man turns the corner, finds himself within a different world
Ghetto kid grabs his shoulder, throws him up against the wall
He says would you respect me if I didnt have this gun
cos without it, I dont get it, and thats why I carry one

We always need to hear both sides of the story.....

“When truth and myth collide we call it a glitch
for today it’s all dismissed as a simple pitch.
Though healers and politicians inclined to retch
their overflowing rhetoric, a pragmatic overstretch
of their bounds, their real intent to bewitch
the masses, their apathy in the backstretch,
while standing naked watching in our gitches,
when myth transformed a witch
into someone’s need to scratch an itch.” part of a poem “Scratch My Itch” 2004 Donald J. Lester-

What do you think...?

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