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February 08, 2023, 02:16:08 am
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Theft by Ontario Governments

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Author Topic: Theft by Ontario Governments  (Read 285 times)
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« on: June 21, 2006, 03:16:08 pm »

Theft by Ontario Governments

Caledonia may not be the only war zone that plagues this province as the back bone of rural and small communities
of Ontario view their intrinsic rights trampled into the background. The former Progressive Conservative  Government
under Mike Harris vetoed the democratic vote on amalgamation. The by election entrusted the freedom of the democratic
process, derailed because the results did not meet his dictatorial attitude. In spite of such despicable disregard for democracy
the Liberal party headed by McGuinty conveyed that his government would subscribe to open this issue a democratic
process. Though, once elected he violated his trust, not only did he shun his promise but divisively re-zoned thousands of
acres of Ontario lands, usurping owners of their historical right that were entrenched since confederation. Though insuring
that the Ontario government maintained an absolute right to determine the use of such lands for what was conceived as the best
interest of the public even though those interests may contradict the purpose of such re-zoning, “Green Space”.

This re-zoning rippled the right of land owners, crippling the historical right of farmers of severing a retirement lot. Devaluating
natural growth in small communities necessary to sustain local needs. With the swipe of a pen, without compensation, farmers
that has spent thousands of dollars maintaining streams and who worked a life time with long hours producing food with low
returns, with hopes that upon reaching the age retirement the sale of their land would carry them through till their final days.
The province unilaterally decreed narrow limitations and uses to such lands forfeiting such land to completive use. Consequently,
property values slumber amidst the fact,  many acres lay dormant due to low market prices. Though prior to this decree by
the province, it determined the need for a new Highway, “Mid Peninsula”. The potential of such was regarded by many as an
opportunity that would financially provide growth for both the rural and urban sectors. Though recognizing this would change the
face of  rural Southern Ontario. But like thieves in the night the province removed the competition for such land claiming for itself
the sole rights to determine it’s use.

In so doing the Province has placed it’s self in a conflict of interest, deeming such property as necessary for Green Space,
knowing previously that it intended to build a four to six lane highway through such, appears like devaluation before expropriation,
highway robbery. Have our democratic rights become so insignificant in our minds and hearts that lead governments to the conclusion
that they can unilaterally impose their will.....at least not in Caledonia Ontario.

What do you think...?

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