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October 31, 2020, 07:20:14 am
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More of us, living better

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Author Topic: More of us, living better  (Read 234 times)
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« on: June 16, 2006, 08:45:31 am »

More of us, living better
Jun. 16, 2006. 05:16 AM

“Say goodbye to sprawling suburban” say hello to higher crime, ghetto style living. The myth,  painting the corner convince store as
the employment center for kids, more like facilitating the drug trade. The truth is that the province is using intensification as a means
to squeeze more taxes per square foot. “Nearly 4 million more people are expected to make southern Ontario their home in the next
25 years, bringing with them 2 million new jobs.” Living in sardine cans, controlled like sheep claiming to save farm land when in fact
farmers are dyeing off. Cities like Hamilton who have squanders tax dollars in the past that has lead to such decay will applaud their
new found slaves. Considering the present unsustainability and with the introduction of 4 million with a potential of 2 million jobs....the
nature of these jobs are pie in the sky....the maybes of minimum wages, including the fact that within the GTA. mobility is already near
it’s peak....with such facts what the province is not tell, is how many new highways will be absorbing farm land....laying out plans for
for environmental friendly transportation, dealing with pollution and the short fall of electricity. Trapped in intensification like rats
when hydro fail's, a saturated population in little boxes without options in a country that has so much space, creating an illusion that
feeds their pockets and history of mismanagement, only the wealthy will sit outside the box while to poor will never see the sky line.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated
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