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October 24, 2020, 05:09:42 pm
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What feeds Terrorism-

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Author Topic: What feeds Terrorism-  (Read 253 times)
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« on: June 04, 2006, 10:03:11 am »

What feeds Terrorism-

Terrorism by itís very nature displays outer directed hate, retaliation of perceived injustice. Though tied
to some social cultural and moral code that provides the imputes for extreme sacrifice. Generally, a belief
system that is so indoctrinated in absolutes that isolation becomes a key ingredient to foster germination.
The second component is indifference by the world, a powerful reinforcer. In fact the only time the world
pays significant attention to such isolation is at the dawn of a threat or after such is declared.

For centuries developed countries of wealth and power foster manipulation, exploit said populations, with
total disregard of inner social conflict, constantly usurping and grinding at the outer rim of such systems.
Much like and exploding developing industrialized country forcing wild bear into a corner, though for a
time their instincts direct them to move on, to follow the path of least resistance. But there comes a point
when the bear has little choice but to invade and become the predator.

This phenomenon has transcended time, North America was founded on such principals, disgruntled with
European pressures we migrated here to create our own space, to define our principals of rights and freedom.
Without vision or intent we conquered others that enslaved our mark of control and supremacy. In fact
historically, it could be said that terrorism has been the a vanguard to wars, the fall and beginning of many
great nations.

In the past decades we focused on the development on weapons that could destroy the world. This catastrophic
reality cued our notion that this methodology was both self destructive and contrary to our selfish goals. Nevertheless,
our learning curves are narrow and slow, though we recognize that mediation and justice are the tools of today, we
chose to delay, bury, to politicize, and frustrate, using courts and legalism as our battle fields that have become a never
ending game of manipulation.

In a world that justice has become so politicized, it has laid the seed and for many. The foundation of justice
lays somewhere between terrorism and social revolution. This fact has become the underpinning of democracy,
where the rule of law is the manipulation of rights. Where terrorism and social revolution are perceived as the
final court of justice.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated
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