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October 31, 2020, 06:33:19 am
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Are Tobacco Laws Shifting Socialization

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Author Topic: Are Tobacco Laws Shifting Socialization  (Read 208 times)
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« on: June 01, 2006, 10:23:21 am »

Are Tobacco Laws Shifting Socialization-

Mid weak a little past seven, in the back yard, several tables with bear cases, rolling out is the big screen TV.
Out come the ashtrays, with, ďthis is much cheaper than at a bar and by the way, if you drink and drive, itís
your problem but dam it, if you want to smoke your free to do so, if you donít like it, you can leave.Ē
Chuckle...chuckle...as bottles pop open, as cigarettes are light.

Just a little reminder of prohibition days, of back yards satisfying the determined, a reality that may continue
to churn into a underground social phenomenon. Perhaps eroding into a market like the drug trade, though
legal, nevertheless itís survival extends beyond the law and continental borders. Now that governments and
lobbyists have shuttled this issue behind closed doors, education on such practice will erode as we blindly
assume a resolve...though in the long run, itís like sex, drugs music and politics, mans need for self destruction
always finds it way through the cracks...These ideas of virtue only shift virtus dollars temporally, until the bubble
floats to the top and greed realizes that itís not getting itís fair share. Governments have never succeeded to
legislate morality, decency, honesty nor health or wealth...they just keep playing a shell game..shifting the political tide.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated
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