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April 25, 2019, 12:51:55 am
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Re-The Caledonia affair

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Author Topic: Re-The Caledonia affair  (Read 554 times)
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« on: May 25, 2006, 12:53:55 pm »

Re-The Caledonia affair
By: Keri
HamiltonViews May 25,2006

I agree with what you are saying the Caledonia situation is one that should raise great concern in all Canadians as it symbolizes our governments disregard, for its own promises. Yet the people of Caledonia are so concerned about the immediate, getting the roads open so that they can go back to ostrages as you put it...arises more concern. I doubt the people of Caledonia have looked at the long term effects, or how much more strength would be represented had they stood in support of the Natives.

I understand that a road closure and power being out is extremely inconvenient. If our government "inconveniences" us by making decisions that we are now law bound to abide in, no one says anything, yet when the Native community finally stands up for their rights, and do not take the neglect and lack of follow through from our government, all of a sudden the rest of the community is in an uproar. Furthermore now the Caledonia community is going to be dealing with racial conflict that has never really been abolished in that area anyway and will only be heightened due to recent events. The peoples ignorance and the need for immediate satisfaction of what appeases residence at the moment. If this issue was reversed I bet that the Natives would have stood in support of the Caledonia people as they understand the fight against the powers of government and the importance to stand for justice; they have been fighting for hundreds of years.

The government is the bully on the playground and it is time that we started standing united against the corruption, the government makes decisions that change the lives of a smaller number of people and no one cares until they are part of that smaller population themselves. Then the people stand with frustration in their own protest too small to make a difference and so the cycle continues. Change needs to happen within the people of Canada as at one point or another we all need the voices of the ostrages burred in the sand, if we stop being them ourselves and help the whispers of the fighting population perhaps there is a change for democracy. But if no one is participating in the democracy then only a whisper of the few is heard and the government is great at stopping out a whisper.

 What do you think...?

Comments appreciated


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