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April 25, 2019, 12:40:50 am
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The Caledonia Affair

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Author Topic: The Caledonia Affair  (Read 320 times)
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« on: May 25, 2006, 10:36:23 am »

The Caledonia Affair

From out of the dark age, tainted promises, manipulated by government, politicizing entrenched treaties, modifying, usurping native
rights and non natives. These types of protests are only the beginning...the general population of Canada is peaceful and co-operative,
though perhaps a little to apathetic. For two hundred or more years promises of resolution to clarify and redress many of the issues
that have plagued the native population. Though perceived by the general non-natives as issues that support the prejudicial notion
that Native People are just looking for a free ride.
How immune we have become to blind promises of government in which the democratic process has been violated, where billions
of our federal dollars have been funneled in a attempt to secure political alignment. Issues of amalgamation that contradicted the
provincial accord, though taken to a public vote and vetoed, the province imposed itís will, discarding the democratic process. This
process continues to culminate and fodder our idiom embedded in democracy. The large majority of Canadians are like ostriches,
but most have to take our heads out of the sand occasionally as we view the epidemic and the degrading of our rights we cringe
at what we have allowed to slip away.
In the silence of our minds the Caledonia affair perhaps triggers our own deep seated feeling of anger that translate into the sense
of decrees that have been thwarted and devalued the underpinning of democracy. We after all may be in the same place as the
Natives were a hundred years ago, wanting and waiting for due process, passively working to resolve the deterioration of
democracy while bureaucratic minds are busy burring our intrinsic rights. The ashes of Caledonia are the burning cinders that
should spark, in all of us, the decay of a democracy that is being eroded by indifference.
What do you think...?
Comments appreciated

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