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April 25, 2019, 12:07:35 am
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Farmers to block Ottawa food distribution centres

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Author Topic: Farmers to block Ottawa food distribution centres  (Read 244 times)
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« on: April 20, 2006, 10:20:24 am »

Farmers to block Ottawa food distribution centres
The Hamilton Spectator
Ottawa (Apr 20, 2006)
"Farmers...blockading food distribution centres"
The sad dilemma is that the Federal and Provincial governments don't care and realize that farmers have little clout. There is no pressing
issues as food is flowing well across our boarders. These inconveniences created in blockading food distribution centers have little impact
on governments. Moreover, it does little in gaining support from food distributors, it fact it only adds to the frustration to merchants who
purchase through such outlets.
The facts are that farmers are considered by governments as a fifth to tenth rate pain of distant necessity. Though the agriculture
sector is deemed to be the responsibility of provincial and federal governments who have become so isolated from the grass roots
of farming, there is a great need to bring this issue to local city governments. Cities are the true benefactors of low agriculture
products. Many will construe the fact that farmers receive too many subsidies, when in fact such benefits are to maintain lower
food prices for the urban population. Clearly this plight must examine the facts of where are the local cities on this issue, they who
collect the tax dollars. Where are the cities that stand in support of the farmers plight. When large corporations within said cities
are unstable or are facing financial difficulties and or are faced with closing their doors, cities plead to the provinces and federal
government for support on their behalf. Perhaps, only due to the fact that when such corporations disappear it impacts on their
tax base, including the fact it may effect a larger number at a time that would be forced on welfare roles. With farmers itís one
family at a time that hits the dust, not that relevant in the big scheme of life.
Itís time for farmers to withhold their taxes. Itís time to get the local politicians and city officials to recognize they have a responsibility.
They can no longer collect such taxes without representation. When cities realize that all farmers in this province have contributed
to the foundation and growth of downtowns with little to no return and that such tax funds are not going to be forth coming they
will have little choice but to support and help broker some financial support from provincial and federal government. It has been said,
that many farmers have large mortgage and working capital that will put their farms at risk if they chose to withhold such taxes. In the
final analysis to fall, one at a time or together, moreover who will the banks or the city sell all the farmland to in Ontario to ?  When
there is no viable returns....?

What do you think...?

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