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February 08, 2023, 01:59:21 am
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Ontario rules force reporting of bullies

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Author Topic: Ontario rules force reporting of bullies  (Read 626 times)
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« on: February 06, 2010, 03:07:23 pm »

Ontario rules force reporting of bullies

"Educators who fail to report serious incidents could face sanctions under the Ontario College of Teachers Act for failing to comply with the Education Act.The new law also mandates that those who deal directly with students, such as teachers and educational assistants, must respond to improper behavior, such as a sexist remark or offensive joke."

To McGuinty, school boards and parents
I am going to say it again and again...

Bullying is a result of parents and schools failing to teach respect of each other. Though many will applaud this venture, this will not change the fundamental facts that parents and our education system are failing. The proof is in the pudding and as a society, we as adults become frustrated due to our neglect, we scream ban, ban, or demand that the state creates laws to punish those that we have failed to teach or direct. We focus on their actions rather than the cause; in this case, it will be someone's child....who we have failed; mostly because children have become a commodity, rather than recognizing that we have failed to nurture them...They are, what we have become, "bullies".

I am suggesting that bulling takes many forms, but the issue here, is how it's interpreted.Consider the fact that little children will bully each other when frustrated or want something that another child has.Also teasing can be considered bullying and to one time or another children tease one another, and true it goes too far at times; What is not taught are boundaries. With regards to,"not only from children but from adults" who is going to pay the price for adult bulling, a child? Bulling is a reaction of fear and and an attempt to assert power over an individual. This type of Behavior is predominate throughout our society and at this time we going to penalize the child? A more appropriate methodology would be to reinstate an etiquette classes beginning in Kindergarten.
In my opinion simply punishing these so called, bullies" will only instill in them a greater sense of lost autonomy and their behaviors will escalate. From my experience bullies have low self-esteem and self-confidence and by using authoritarian means to control their Behavior will only displace such behaviors. Having a mandatory course on etiquette where they can see and experience the effects of their behaviors would have a greater impact.Moreover, having a mandatory course on etiquette provides inclusiveness and as a result even the bullied have a greater understanding that such actions have little to do with themselves but rather the perceptions and needs of the bully; at the same time is offers the bully and opportunity to understand themselves and they may more readily accept the impact of their Behavior.

Do you think that is going too far...does this not smell like imperialism censorship, right out of Hitler-ism. Why not label all children at birth as criminals ....at one time or another they will be considered a "bully".

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