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October 27, 2020, 08:39:17 am
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Tax tiff: Up in arms in Flamborough

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Author Topic: Tax tiff: Up in arms in Flamborough  (Read 543 times)
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« on: May 08, 2008, 11:52:59 am »

Re:Tax tiff: Up in arms in Flamborough
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 8, 2008)

In silence, surrounded by anger, in the presents of Hamilton's leadership with regards
To a 10% tax increase of Flamborough the residents were left carrying the load with
Acrimonies from councilor Whitehead, " that the residents of Flamborough are confused
And blinded with misunderstanding; reinforcing his ego that we, City of Hamilton, made the
Right decision in levering the 10% tax on Flamborough; followed by the Mayor Fred Eisenberger
Placid remarks that we are, the City of Hamilton, far better off together than being separate
As the meeting ended most left with further bitter distain towards the perceived dictatorial
Leadership of the City of Hamilton, licking their wounds without a touch of salt to flavor or
Soften the cold realities of their 10% tax burden.
By all accounts a tragically missed opportunity by the City, since amalgamation, not only
To demonstrate leadership but to facility a perceived disparity between Flamborough and the
City of Hamilton. In reflection it's little wonder that Hamilton remains so divided, whether
it's regarding the downtown redevelopment, airport, or the development of infrastructure,
Including updating the local transportation system.
A City divided against itself, without leadership when small comprises on the over all landscape
Could help unify, like spreading the returns from the Slots, Flamborough downs, over a five year
period into the purse of the City's pocket. As a resident of Flamborough, I understand that
sooner or later that equalization of the tax base is a necessary reality, Though considering
The under pinning of this situation there are no winners, in the short term Flamborough will
seeming carry the burden of 10% tax increase but the resentment and the negativity will be
further ingrained; including the negative energy towards the City of Hamilton that will be expended.
In summary the final words of Mayor Fred...."Flamborough you have not been forgotten"
The question will Flamborough forget?
Comments welcome!


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« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2008, 11:51:33 am »

Donald, this is only the beginning of our trials and tribulations. Today it is Flamboro as seen through the eyes of Hamilton's due processed residents. Tomorrow it will be the whole world's borough as heard through the cries of our modicum towards insensitiveness.

With the price of everything skyrocketing and our wages in stagnate
In come the tax men carrying bigger offering plate
We bicker over gambler's fool wasted money spent
Yet soon we will ask where has this crowd gone went
With so much uncertainty in the world around us now
Struggling to make ends meet not knowing best how
While our leader's chests bleat
Still they squeeze on the teat   
Of our withering cash cow.

I'm gonna be taking a backseat on municipal affairs. There are too many snub nosed folks in need of some severe humbling up there in la la land. When they come down to earth to sit in the dust and ash with us regular folk, a real dialog can begin and our city will win.

Until then in sackcloth I spit and I grin.
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