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October 20, 2020, 05:36:15 am
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Flamborough, Hamilton Ontario, tax increase 10 per cent

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Author Topic: Flamborough, Hamilton Ontario, tax increase 10 per cent  (Read 405 times)
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« on: April 28, 2008, 08:25:12 am »

Flamborough, Hamilton Ontario, tax increase close to 10 per cent

(this means war) follow the following link for the pre-amble


Perceptions, Myths and History

Reconciliation is mitigated through substance and understanding, a bridge that need
to take into account the sense of solitude and pride that Flamborough's community
perceived, true or false, a standard of fiscal and moral integrity far above what they
perceived that had been practiced in Hamilton.

Waterdown's population was tightly tied to agriculture, values that were closer in-tuned
with the whole of Flamborough. In their historical perception the City of Hamilton, though
a neighbor, was that the City of Hamilton political arena was tied too closely to bosses of
crime syndicates. That corruption and financial decay was mitigated through such ties and
as a result only certain groups were the benefactors of political and tax basses decisions.
Where as Flamborough perceived themselves as being more homogenous to the whole
community. Though this being factual, to work as neighbors through the process at the time,
Regional Government from which the amalgamated centers like Flamborough did benefit
financial from Hamilton; yet the perceptions true or false Flamborough maintained a strong
distain for the way Hamilton was managed. From the outside looking in Flamborough saw the
decay, while it retained it's self a small affluent bedroom of Hamilton and Burlington. Cleaner
and brighter without heavy industry and only a touch of light criminal activity.

With changing times accompanied with economic realities the City of Hamilton was being crushed
with financial pearls. Part of another reality was Regional government was not that effective and
it was felt that changes needed to be addressed. Hamilton required more funds to operate including
the fact that it's infrastructure was, is, collapsing and the province by it's self could not, did not want
to rescue Hamilton through provincial funding. As a result with all the above issues, including others,
prompted the drive to save Hamilton through amalgamation.

Though the above is a summary it's only part of the issue. Considering the economic realities the
amalgamated Cities were also beginning to feel the financial pressures of a changing world. In
time, in order for small places like Flamborough to survive on their own, taxes would double or triple
or they would have to expand with an alarming growth to maintain their tax base at the time.

On a side note, with regards to Flamborough Slots, some have suggested that Flamborough was
the recipient of such by the generosity of Stony Creek and Hamilton...Firstly, Hamilton did not want
to allow such within it's City and Stony Creek could find a reasonable location for such...
to those who want to lay some platitudes for some future political grace need not apply...

As a result of the above, except the previous paragraph, the wedding between Hamilton and
Flamborough was predestined to be a difficult one. It was akin to young teen getting married
and their parents being rivals for years. Then you add the conflict of Flamborough being divided
into three; for many this was heart wrenching, for some it was like a divorce. Yet for others to
divide Flamborough was far better than being part of Hamilton. When you add insult to injury,
with the province conceding to a vote on the issue, a clear result was a no, followed by the
Province dictating amalgamation.

With this picture as a background it's easy to see why anything taken from Flamborough is
perceived as another slap in the face. Perhaps for many the transition is incomplete or maybe
there is some small hope this will be reversed. The sad reality is that, neither Hamilton nor the
Province has made any significant efforts to mitigate or to smooth out some of these difference.
Interestingly hanging on a neighbors refrigerator was a comment by Terry Cook, that had, "we
don't really want Flamborough" circled in red.

The truth is, for better or worse this wedding is over and in this Province there will never be
allowed a decree of divorce. Practically as time passed such ideas will be impossible and
financially intertwined. At the same time there needs to be some real accountability on the part
of the City of Hamilton. Moreover, the City needs to recognize the diversity and complexity of
this City and of it's divergent social background.  Moreover, if a distasteful pill is needed, a touch
of honey will make it more palatable. In the final analysis when all is said, would it be a greater
to be able the celebrate such a union as apposed to building constant resentment. This opportunity
speaks  loudly to the to the leadership of Hamilton and the Province including the residence of

Comments welcome!


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