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 on: June 26, 2006, 01:01:18 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Ignatieff chides Tories over Caledonia

By Rob Faulkner
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 26, 2006)

“Liberal leadership”

Ignatieff said "I'm critical of the general silence of the federal government here,....it's crucial to strike a balance between
the rule of law and a "serious aboriginal claim ... that has to be respected."

Though I am not indoctrinated into one political party it must be said, that the history of native land claims have spanned all
political parties. For Ignatieff to beat the drum of the “rule of law” with respect to the native issue represents a benign rhetorical
statement considering the past historical corruption of the Liberal Party.

There is no doubt that Stephen Harper should have taken a greater active role with this issue but if the liberal’s foothold in this
campaign is solely based on criticism, it speaks volumes with regard to rebuilding a party that has been tied to corruption with
total disregard to our finances and with programs like gun control. If Ignatieff is the golden boy to elevate the Liberal Party into
the ranks of integrity, perhaps he should explain why his party failed to resolve such issues over the tenure in which his party was
in power and rather than simply being critical, expand on what he would do if elected.

If the foundation of the Liberal Party leadership race is based on issues that reinforce that governments are flawed, we are all
aware of such. Mr. Ignatieff, tell us what you would do...prove to us that you will follow through...give me back my country,
not Canadian ships flying foreign flags.

What do you think...?

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 on: June 21, 2006, 03:16:08 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Theft by Ontario Governments

Caledonia may not be the only war zone that plagues this province as the back bone of rural and small communities
of Ontario view their intrinsic rights trampled into the background. The former Progressive Conservative  Government
under Mike Harris vetoed the democratic vote on amalgamation. The by election entrusted the freedom of the democratic
process, derailed because the results did not meet his dictatorial attitude. In spite of such despicable disregard for democracy
the Liberal party headed by McGuinty conveyed that his government would subscribe to open this issue a democratic
process. Though, once elected he violated his trust, not only did he shun his promise but divisively re-zoned thousands of
acres of Ontario lands, usurping owners of their historical right that were entrenched since confederation. Though insuring
that the Ontario government maintained an absolute right to determine the use of such lands for what was conceived as the best
interest of the public even though those interests may contradict the purpose of such re-zoning, “Green Space”.

This re-zoning rippled the right of land owners, crippling the historical right of farmers of severing a retirement lot. Devaluating
natural growth in small communities necessary to sustain local needs. With the swipe of a pen, without compensation, farmers
that has spent thousands of dollars maintaining streams and who worked a life time with long hours producing food with low
returns, with hopes that upon reaching the age retirement the sale of their land would carry them through till their final days.
The province unilaterally decreed narrow limitations and uses to such lands forfeiting such land to completive use. Consequently,
property values slumber amidst the fact,  many acres lay dormant due to low market prices. Though prior to this decree by
the province, it determined the need for a new Highway, “Mid Peninsula”. The potential of such was regarded by many as an
opportunity that would financially provide growth for both the rural and urban sectors. Though recognizing this would change the
face of  rural Southern Ontario. But like thieves in the night the province removed the competition for such land claiming for itself
the sole rights to determine it’s use.

In so doing the Province has placed it’s self in a conflict of interest, deeming such property as necessary for Green Space,
knowing previously that it intended to build a four to six lane highway through such, appears like devaluation before expropriation,
highway robbery. Have our democratic rights become so insignificant in our minds and hearts that lead governments to the conclusion
that they can unilaterally impose their will.....at least not in Caledonia Ontario.

What do you think...?

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 on: June 21, 2006, 12:21:33 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Why are rural landowners under attack?


Join the rural landowners, farmers and small business - to fight for democracy's return and a Canadian Bill of Rights -
not Government Wrongs. All these intolerable acts are the result of our lost property rights. The Landowners are
resolved to make Parliament restore "Our right to own, use, enjoy and earn a living on our private property" -
free from the unnecessary and intrusive urban regulations that have closed our sawmills, slaughtered our abattoirs,
broken the back of our family farms, threatened our maple syrup producers and clear-cut personal freedom and liberty
from our woodlots and lands.

In conjuction with:

    * Lanark Landowners' Association (LLA)
    * The Renfrew County Private Landowners Association (RCPLA)
    * Ontario Property & Environmental Rights Alliance (OPERA)
    * Hastings County Property Rights coalition
    * Glengarry Landowners association
    * Leeds & Grenville landowners association
    * Prescott/Russell landowners association
    * Dundas & Stormont Landowners association
    * York& Durham landowners Association
    * Simcoe County Landowners association
    * Conservationists of Frontenac & Addington
    * Kapuskasing Energy Regional Resource Association
    * Ontario Wood Producers Association
    * West Carleton Rural Association (WCRA)
    * Rural Council of OTTAWA
    * Water watch association
    * Milton rural Residents association
    * Rural Rights alliance
    * Alberta Association of Landowners for the Protection of Agricultural Land
    * Western Stock Growers
    * Ottawa Carleton Soil & Crop improvement association
    * Ontario Deamalamation Network
    * Ontario Deer & Elk Farmers association
    * GreenBelt Coalition

Contact Randy Hillier 613-267-6661 (randy@ruralrevolution.com),
Merle Bowes 257-7968, (mrbowes@sympatico.ca),

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated

 on: June 20, 2006, 02:59:47 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Crack houses rotten to core
spread to residential streets
By Susan Clairmont
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 20, 2006)

“A place where blood from past homicides still stained the walls, where teenagers turned tricks and the floor was littered with syringes
and maggot infested garbage. A place where cops were called several times every single day.”


“...health officials say the reason people turn to crack over powdered cocaine is largely down to cost. "It's a cheaper high," says Robin Clark-Smith, an administrator at a needle exchange program at the Bridgeport Health Department in Connecticut, US. A slab "rock" of crack in Bridgeport sells for just $5, while a bag of powdered cocaine goes for $20.”

Much like a casino, the house must have money. the poor and troubled with hopes of improving their lot in life spend their last $10.
in the hope for that big score...release from their impoverished pain while they enjoy the high of the role of the dice. Then they cry
as they hunger throughout the night. Crack houses, like casinos they need cocaine, follow the money, banked roles by those who
live in century homes, world wide travelers who live above the fray, sucking the juices from the week and from those who feel that
need to bury their pain. Trapped in a world of senseless meaningless looking for a way out of their pain, screaming for a five minute
high. Twisted by high rollers who feed upon these weakness but the high rollers are rarely scratched for feeding the imported white
powder. They float too high above with golden rings, embedded in legal threads of power where even human angels do not dare tread.
Though we see the base line of shattered lives....nothing will change if all we do is clean up the shattered glass....
The crystal pieces stained by golden rings.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated

 on: June 20, 2006, 08:48:35 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Stand and Scream
It’s only the beginning.....

“More than one bag of garbage? Pay $5.....the city will no longer pick up endless bags of yard waste.” Getting used to being
fucked by City Hall....renegotiating contracts...?  spending hard earned dollars for the highest rental fees for city hall space...
expending millions of dollars on an airport project without reasonable returns....funding HECFI with a million plus with is no possibility
of financial return...deeper and deeper we plunge into decay, with the highest taxes per house hold in the country, the greatest
rate of poverty.

The hype, the unresolved issues of amalgamation, sucking our tax dollars while providing nothing in return...When will the old city of
Hamilton wake up and realize those newly adopted towns have no issue with helping, contributing to Hamilton, soon you will understand
our cry....we pay and pay getting little in return....This City fails to meet one of it’s basic responsibilities collecting garbage....adding a new
cost called “green cart” adding millions of dollars in expenditure. Where, I say, where is the sustainable growth, where are the sustainable
new jobs... with 32% of the population , and increasing, leaving this city daily to feed their families with another 20% of the retired
population scrambling to sell their properties to escape an unsustainable life style, as to poor and trapped huddle in the rubble of a
downtown collapsing on it’s self....

What do you think...?

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 on: June 16, 2006, 08:45:31 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
More of us, living better
Jun. 16, 2006. 05:16 AM

“Say goodbye to sprawling suburban” say hello to higher crime, ghetto style living. The myth,  painting the corner convince store as
the employment center for kids, more like facilitating the drug trade. The truth is that the province is using intensification as a means
to squeeze more taxes per square foot. “Nearly 4 million more people are expected to make southern Ontario their home in the next
25 years, bringing with them 2 million new jobs.” Living in sardine cans, controlled like sheep claiming to save farm land when in fact
farmers are dyeing off. Cities like Hamilton who have squanders tax dollars in the past that has lead to such decay will applaud their
new found slaves. Considering the present unsustainability and with the introduction of 4 million with a potential of 2 million jobs....the
nature of these jobs are pie in the sky....the maybes of minimum wages, including the fact that within the GTA. mobility is already near
it’s peak....with such facts what the province is not tell, is how many new highways will be absorbing farm land....laying out plans for
for environmental friendly transportation, dealing with pollution and the short fall of electricity. Trapped in intensification like rats
when hydro fail's, a saturated population in little boxes without options in a country that has so much space, creating an illusion that
feeds their pockets and history of mismanagement, only the wealthy will sit outside the box while to poor will never see the sky line.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated

 on: June 15, 2006, 09:54:47 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
The Lister Saga
in a Twist of Deceit....

Lister proposal shrinks...

On the other hand it’s all about politics, and the decaying building...that has been transformed as a symbol of indifference,
the constant reminder of this Cities squander. A totem pole that reflects years of  failed responsibility to basic fundamental
issues like poverty, honest distribution of public funds. The Lister saga bring it all to the forefront, the edacity to silence
councilors for voicing their opinions or searching for a better venue....resign, resign if you speak your mind... Perhaps, the
“new” Di Ianni-Liuna block will become the reflection of yesterday”s decay, the doorway to the future.


Setting aside what happens to the Lister block, what seems to the failing issue is long term sustainability, the preoccupation
with image. The failure to deal with the highest poverty rate; the highest tax burden per household, the resolution of amalgamation,
more importantly, transparency and trust of City Hall. Perhaps, if all the energy that has been spent on the Lister block were devoted
to the aforementioned issues the uniqueness of Hamilton would rise above the ashes of a sadly decaying downtown.

What do you think...?

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 on: June 13, 2006, 09:21:44 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Sparks fly over the Lister Block
By Nicole Macintyre
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 13, 2006)


A passionate debate over the Lister Block

The trial of emotions, three divergent needs built upon each other. The Cities desire for “new” space, Hamilton’s
revitalization and Liuna’s desire for financial returns via the Lister block.  None of these issues by themselves are
unrealistic desires or needs, but tied together with political rhetoric propels the notion that these separate issues
can not stand on their own merit or are incompatible. The City has taken the position that it’s only redress to a
viable relocation is the high cost rental agreement with Liuna, without unilateral city bid for such that would provide
a realistic comparison. Secondly, the Lister block has torn the emotions of Hamilton for years in a Historical twist of
fate that has become the symbol of decay. To many, the Lister block is the rock that impedes the downtown revitalization.
Thirdly, Liuna’s desire to rejuvenate, rebuild the Lister block to a respectful and profitable accusation is within all bounds
of reasonableness. Perhaps, these issues need to be examined as seperate issues, the City need to seek “new” tenders
for it’s needs. Liuna must reacess it’s ability to find sufficent tennents at rates that are competitive to meets it’s objective.
The citizens of Hamilton need to be assured that they are getting the best value for their tax dollars and ponder the reality
of the need of sustainability for the long run.

What do you think...?

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 on: June 12, 2006, 01:42:24 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
The final hours, “The Lister Block decision”

With the over priced rental agreement to Liuna, including the many short-circuited circumstances that streamlines this issue,
brings about the real dilemma with regards to Hamilton’s image. True enough, the Lister block bleeds history of decay
though the process of proposed changes seep a sense of manipulation and deception. A willingness to squander such
a high rental agreement to flaunt sealing tax payers for the next 15 years for $12.5 million including the cost of demolishing
the present City Hall.  When all is said and done... many will ponder what effort was truly expended into the costs of repairing
the present City Hall. Perhaps the cloud that enshrines Hamilton’s image still hangs over City Hall. Considering the flaming
promise of transparency form City Hall...this issue should be included as an election issue, with all the facts on the table. In
the final analysis it will be the tax payers who absorber the tab.

What do you think...?

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 on: June 11, 2006, 08:47:56 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Sustainability or Mirage
How about a little reality?

In view of Richard Gilbert report and the fact that the Airport issue is on a slow burn, I think Hamilton needs to
redirect it's focus. I am not suggestion to abandon the airport but I think the idea is five to ten years away. Secondly,
much of the success of this project is based on the Mid Peninsula Hwy. I agree that if this project is solely based on
the relationship of air transportation that it suffers greatly with regard to future costs of transportation. The
Mid Peninsula Hwy. would improve this somewhat. There is little doubt that the Airport area development requires
much more in-depth analysis as to it's use. Though the two upper levels of government are having discourses on the
Mid Peninsula Hwy. it will still take years to complete.

Though I believe that Hamilton is at the door way of opportunity for the creation of electricity as noted in Gilbert's
report. Though the Mayor appears more concerned with image, nevertheless if this issue was properly marketed and
was founded on the best technology available, Hamilton could rise from the ashes. Properly sold this idea could find
funding from the federal and provincial governments including surrounding cities, in particular Toronto.

The idea of converting garbage into electricity is a gold mine, one just has to have sufficient imagination to step
beyond the raw product. The returns for the future are endless. There is much information on the internet with
regards to this issue, but here is a page for your information. An idea BC. put into practice, by the way no one
is having an image problem.

If Hamilton does not get this straight it will be a dam shame-
Follow the link to BC’s project

"We need to raise the bar in regards to development"

That maybe the ideal at the same time one need to balance development with sustainability. Consider the fact that the
creation of electricity through solid waste would produce sufficient electricity to supply electric rail transportation system
through the GTA from Hamilton to Toronto, including through to Brantford, if planned properly directly to the Hamilton
airport. This also could include the transportation of goods and services . Secondly, provide electrical busses for the city.
I think we are tied to tightly to the poor management that was wrought by the steel industry, technology, education
and economic changes bare out the facts to if the steel industry was established today in Hamilton it would have a
different face including the manner in which oil byproducts are handled.

“Selling the electricity to BC Hydro will generate gross revenues of $5-6 million a year for the GVRD, an economic benefit
for the region's residents. Considering, the volume of raw material available in this area the gross revenues of such a venture
could exceed $20 million a year and up wards.

"Raising the bar" is to ensure we maintain the highest environment standards ,  Nevertheless, we are in an era that energy
will be the determining factor to growth and productivity. Perhaps reflecting on incinerators that were built thirty years ago,
I would agree with the environment concerns. Though to dismiss this potential considering the high increase of fuel expectancy
and the desire to bring this City into realizing it's full potential and beyond serious consideration into alternative modes of moving
people and goods through the GTA must be developed.

Personally, Hamilton's image has not been tainted so much by the industries that have laid the foundation for the city but by
mismanagement. Including a long history that involved a subculture that was self serving and placed no value on city need.
Much of this has dissipated but we should not allow the past to determine our future, we should learn from it, setting higher
standards but that does not mean throwing out the baby with the wash.

There will be no other form of energy than electricity that will propel society for years to come that will be sustainable and viable
including as environmentally friendly, considering the reality of our ever increasing need to dispose of our by products, that can be
recycled into next generation of sustainable renewed energy. 

Sooner or later this will become the door way to sustainable power....
Gold mine of the future....
some will be saying....
why didn't we......

What do you think...?

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