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 on: April 03, 2008, 05:53:06 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by WRCU2
I don't think I could have said it any better myself Don and sadly I do not anticipate anything much moor from our local news nor. Lately the only interesting topics in specthread, based on comments submitted by readers like you and I and specthread staffers, are a sport of Springstein, shoveling snow and USW in the gates of AMD O'fasco. Also, much of the information available on the Internet concerning Radarsat 2 only glosses over the militate umbra of this technology's zoot suited cruisers. Screw sovreignty. Such matters are of no concern to ordinary denizens when confronted about-face with the massive abrasion of crock'em -n- stock'em blue-bun-burn and our green certs are chock full of envy from the gagged, all-in-one bagged fluff, we're being stuffed. And into borrowed tanks no less!

Ottawa is putting off the decision for thirty days as of March 20th:
Ruling on sale of Radarsat-2, Canadarm to U.S. arms maker delayed -

Perhaps Earth Day April 19th will be composed with plenty of Lawrence Welklike smoke bubbles in a melody we can all dance around to, so we won't notice when the winky winks move our worlds closer to the brinky brinks by a sale that stinks of rinky-dink pinky-linked thinking.

Onto another story with a nice bust of the modern day Marc Garneau; A former space man bursting with integrity. Who has seen our home planet from a perspective it seems far fewer of us will ever know for sure. I think Marc is warming us that this sale would dry up all hope of Canadian prestige in any future high tech exploitation of outer space fruit, in which Canada might project, profit and protect it's people, its interests, or watch its ice melt and lochs drain with astonishing clarity. Did I forget to mention sparse exploration? Oops, I meant to say, oh my, space. Why am I writing this?

Here's a story I've seen in which the author rubs some rather intuitive bluing onto the battle for the skies loaded barrel. See for yourself and notice the word SOLD in the headline...
MAJIIC Wars: Canada's RADARSAT satellite company sold to "Weapons and Space" giant, ATK -

We're not fools are we? MDA has not been sold as of April 1, 2008, because of the prudent delay by our respectable Lords and Ladies. But if you were to look at ATK's web site, deep south in the sojourn of stars and stripes, you'd alas be in zest to believe Radarsat 2 is already in their celestial pocket. I guest just because the snareholders have already been touting it about so, EH?

Reaching New Frontiers? WOW!!! Did y'all get a heap loaded eye full of those ardor piercing lightly munged onions? Makes ya wanna cry.

Ask yourself this, "Why are the only real meaty reports from independent sources or the CBC?" And then please do share where the saving's grace and humble's good home-baked pie may be ought. I'd like to start shelving some for family's friends and neighbors because this might shifting could get the reel's uglisome like zeally quick. Or at least we'll know by earth day unto which vast vane the bubbles vain worth bloweth next...

 on: March 28, 2008, 10:20:55 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Sale of Canadian space technology
Canadians have invested $108 million in MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. A Canadian
Company....Now it aspires to sell the soul of Canada's most advanced technology to foreign ownership.
American defense  Contractor 's aim to purchase the Canaidarm and controls for more than $1.3 Billion
Crippling the Canadian Space program.
"Spec. March 05, 2008" Re;"Craig Wong, THE CANADIAN PRESS The Canadian Press, 2008"
An albatross that has been hung on Canadians as we sell off all our potential for fast cash. Historically
Canada has allowed our mining fortunes to be controlled by foreign investors. Educated our brightest
And failed to insure their viability in the country. Built highways and sold them to foreign conglomerates,
Fast returns, short on long term insight.
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd."is the only space company in Canada capable of building
Large satellites.......exclusive worldwide rights to data from the satellite, which was in part funded by
The Canadian Space Agency and can be used for such things as environmental monitoring, ice tracking,
Resource mapping, disaster management and marine surveillance" The American defense contractor 's
Aim to purchase For $1.325 billion. Which requires the approval of the Canadian Government, who is
Considering this sale.
(March 05, 2008 Craig Wong, THE CANADIAN PRESS, 2008")
At a time when Canadian northern sovereignty is in question and when the Northern Hemisphere is
Being divided by so many eyes, when the impact of wanting eyes may have significant and direct
Impacts on our country it's a great time to consider selling off the only technology that is available to
Monitor such, fast returns, short on long term insight. Marc Garneau, former head of the Canadian
Space Agency says, "if Canada sells that ability away, it would prevent the country from controlling its
Own technology, and might even open the door to a foreign company to keep secrets from Canada."
(March 23, 2008 The Canadian Press, 2008)
Canada like a flee market sells to the highest bidder, tour talents, our mineral resources, including
Our one and only means to insure the sovereignty of our country. The next major resource that will
Be on the table is our water and it the stream of things it will flow south with the gates situated below
The 49Th. Parallel. Perhaps consideration should be given to laying the Canadian flag on the table,
Before too long, like Johnny Cash song, one piece at a time. If we keep treading the same path the
Last piece won't be worth much...Canadian eh...on a desert without identity.


What do you think...?

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 on: March 22, 2008, 03:16:47 am 
Started by WRCU2 - Last post by WRCU2
Encouraging words Don, strong silent type-2 EH? Sorry this reply took so long, we must always be careful with the encourageable, NO? In this exercise, not unlike young Gerald McGrew who was heralding odd creatures unto his zoo, I went to Hamilton's specthread to pay my respects with others, wailing over the long-winded metrics of spraying some of Hamilton's public and private woodlots for Gypsy moth, caterpillars and eggs. It is there I was calm fronted by Jonny Velvet.

I left a second comment, harmonizing to Jonny's velvet chord. I then reread and herein restate, what McGrew's moldy mist might, dew in the wild wood's great.

"Most beasts are quite friendly, but still, in some lands
Some beasts are too dangerous to catch with bare hands.
For those that are ugly and vicious and mean
I'll build a Bad-Animal-Catching-Machine.
It's rather expensive to build such a kit,
But with it a hunter can never get bit." - The Good Doctor

So with all the information presented in the specthread by all the different contributors, for and against spraying, I stitched together my own lame attempt to amuse children and bemuse their adult readers at the same time,  in the good doctors' style, with this ridiculous redbook-like inspiratorial <clearing throat> diatribe!!.

In the town of Chum-Hummerville a Gypsy moth laid an egg
In this myth laid her egg on an old barn door peg
Then along came a farmer to do his daze work
He hung his torn jacket on the peg with a jerk
The _egg _ough the peg fell down into his pocket
The farmer did not notice it flew just like a rocket

But on its way down, egg spinning end spun
The shell of its case came completely undone
A red thread of silk and at the end of the thing
Was a worm, not an egg, dressed in silk and soft string
The worm yawned and winked at the sky and then slumped
Then he jumped and he stumped like his heart was all pumped
He leaped round the jacket where the torn fibers chumped
Then he spinned and he spun and he spit out some thread
He sewed up the holes with this thread as he sped
Then on to the next one two, until then would bee said,
He'd mend the whole coat, but now it was all red.

The farmer by now was out milking his pigs
Then later he pickled three pecks of raw figs
By the time he returned to the old barn door peg
Where the Gypsy Ma-Moth had first laid her egg
The Jacket he wore at the crack of the dawn
Which he'd hung there heed sworn, was now suddenly gown
Hung they're instead weird a red silky thing
And like the small worm's it was hemmed in with soft string.

Our farmer it seems did not like this one bit
He screamed to the sky "Whoo did this owl-foul knit!?
My coat is all fixed butt, that red's to darned snarry
It's silky and soft and I'll look like I'm to bloody marry!
Come out hear you scoundrel who darned my's worn cowt
Come out or I'll go get my Jersey Rex Horned Gowt
She'll ram you and buck you and make your hems blowt
Until you resume this hideous gloat that you wrote
That jacket you mended was all tattled and torn
Eyes liked it that way, all forfeit and forlorn."

Now the worm had jumped back to the pocket when finished
Its mission, it seams, have now been greatly diminished
What the farmer had said had gave him bad felt, SEW...
He pumped and he jumped and he lumped and he clumped
He ripped and he tore at that redcoat to restore
And when he was done the farmer declared,
"Yore a pest and this thing that you dared
Will not go unprunished!" as he stared and he glared

The farmer then plucked up some old tin can sprayers
And he sprayed on the worm with it layers and layers
Screaming "Dye ewe fowl bug, weave no need of your kindness
I'll fix mine owned coat, you really are quite known mindless!"

The worm grumbled and spluttered and eventually dyed
But one thing more happened before it went dead
Its head split wide open and out taped red thread
Miles and miles of incalculable length
It covered the farmer and strapped all his strength
Silky with soft strings he'd become in the end
All covered in redress like Christmas times friend.

The spray in May might fall mainly on its prey
But who can someday say, nay, none else got in ITS way?

All in favor of eradicating the planted silk worms and their Gypsy Mother Moth, say aye.

All Opposed and to a call for yolks to materialize Genuine HamSpun Gypsy Silk Fabric, within a new line of "MacBrandished Cloaks by Revolution Wear Org" say nay; Then promptly begin the many-hands-free-in-Hamilton collection campaign. I'd suggest calling the newly developed fiber "Hamstring" though, unless you aren't truly serious about ITS being so. This spinner could be a winner.

Like the worm, I suSpec this thread is near dead too. Perhaps we'll move onward toward Dofasco ArecelorMittal, unions and the earth's upcoming 60 minutes?

"I'll catch 'em in caves and I'll catch 'em in brooks,
I'll catch 'em in crannies, I'll catch 'em in nooks
That you don't read about in geography books.

I'll catch 'em in countries that no one can spell
Like the country of Motta-fa-Potta-fa-Pell.
In a country like that, if a hunter is clever,
He'll hunt up some beasts that you never saw ever!" - The Good Doctor

 on: March 18, 2008, 09:21:28 pm 
Started by WRCU2 - Last post by editor
Well said... Grin

 on: March 18, 2008, 08:56:00 pm 
Started by WRCU2 - Last post by WRCU2
I wonder sometimes, perhaps because I'm greying, what great literary works there were, which had something to say about cities in need of change. I thought about the many biblical references to cities where God demanded change, sent messengers and judged them. God probably hasn't sent me to this town to save it's ass since I got plenty to do saving my own, so a biblical work won't suffice in a brave new world of man's own doing where God has stopped judging, right?

So I ponder modern times and the workings of its press. Big ironed machinery, electostatically controlled environmentals and cogs. I get confused by the double, squeak then cannot make heads or tails of IT.

As I wander back pandering thusly it occurs to me as a fable of old, a random house book. I owe it to the flooded basement, this revelation, having to box up the goods of yesteryear and move them to higher ground. I held on to this book as most everything else went to the trash or the attic to collect dust once again.

The great literary work was in my hands. The opening and closing pages sum it all up in kinder confidence through these words, as they come into folk us from a children's tome, if the CITY, is a ZOO.

"It's a pretty good zoo,"
Said young Gerald McGrew,
"And the fellow who runs it
Seems proud of it, too."

"But if I ran the zoo,"
Said young Gerald McGrew,
"I'd make a few changes.
That's just what I'd do...".


That's what I'd do,"
Said young Gerald McGrew.
"I'd make a few changes
If I ran the zoo."

By Dr. Seuss

Would anyone care to comment about this town's zoo and some of the guts in that <SNIP> above the, "Yes...? I get the feeling" Donald might like this style of penned man shoot-from-the-hip, EH? A change of scenery if nothing else, as was once spoken to little ears for they listen still and they are dear.

 on: February 14, 2008, 10:49:20 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Council censures Mitchell
February 14, 2008
Nicole Macintyre
The Hamilton Spectator
(Feb 14, 2008)

City council censured Councillor David Mitchell late last night for trying to influence a council decision on his own property.


Michell certainly crossed the floor along with the historical Mayor Di Ianni's election contributions. A former Flamborough councilor was granted a severance based on the facts that he was a bona fide farmer, a stretch of the imagination, when in fact he was a builder. "Mayor Fred Eisenberger has stated with regards to Mitchell, that this is a "defining moment" for council's integrity.

Though, not too long ago a councilor was threatened by a law suit when he changed his mind with regards to supporting a contractor involving the lister block. This act of a councilor being threatened was also against the Municipal act.

More compelling is the council use of in camera discussions on such matters, when such acts are public and are of public interest. The use of in camera are for the purpose of protecting the privacy of individual citizens and not elected figures.

Perhaps the idea of being in camera provides an impetus for such behavior, transparency concealed reveals a dark room for dark compromises.

Comments welcome!


 on: January 22, 2008, 10:18:39 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Bureaucrats out of financial control...

Hamilton being the catalyst at present with the highest tax and poverty rate in the country. This city has become an absorbing sponge,
that usurps the prime need of the individual. What has been discarded is that a city purpose is to serve the need of the community,
by dividing surplus wealth for the betterment of all. Like the new world of computers without a heart it's become the survival of inanimate
components. Where community democracy has embarked on a return journey to the past; as tyrant tax collectors at every corner until all
that is left are the rats...the poor and a falling skyline of what was....where even Robin hood has left the area, as farm lands are desolate.

This city taxed the downtown until their was no place to breath....wasted resources of the past; trapped in a political demijohn now choking
the balance for parking.....thoughts of implementing tax on private lots? Where do you think this will end.? When the city is empty....

Comments welcome!


 on: January 21, 2008, 11:33:36 am 
Started by editor - Last post by editor

Michelle Bitran

Revolution Wear
Creating Change and Reusing Everything
By: Michelle Bitran

Revolutionary change isn’t easy to come by, but the local art scene in Hamilton is determined to make it happen, starting on the runway. RevWear, or Revolution Wear, is a student run initiative at McMaster University that annually brings together various artists from the Hamilton area to lend their talents in an effort to promote environmental sustainability and social awareness.

Though it began as the hobby of three young women, including former Mac student Sapphire Singh who later launched the RevWear Fashion Show, RevWear has quickly become an outlet for artists and activists who recognize the practical and revolutionary possibilities in making new clothing from recycled materials.

RevWear’s goal is to cut down on wastefulness and to promote social consciousness in the Hamilton community. The materials used to create the featured clothing include everything from old clothes, to plastic bags, and even various edible items. Also, the models are supplying their own make up for the Hamilton show in order to cut down on consumerism and to avoid excessive waste. And, for the Toronto show, RevWear will be pairing with make up artists and hair stylists from Aveda Salon, who are known for their commitment to preserving the environment.

As they gear up to launch the February 2008 show, this year’s RevWear organizers are working hard not only to put together a diverse range of socially and politically charged clothing designs, but also to integrate a variety of local performers and artists. The audience will be entertained by drum circles, spoken word artists, dance packs, and live music, all of which will be interspersed between themed collections of environmentally friendly and unique clothes.

The list of Hamilton talent performing at the show includes Tarek Ajak, Anthony Mayo, Samir Grover, and the Mac Dance Group. As well, at the after party following the Hamilton night show, audience members will have the chance to chat with the RevWear performers and organizers while sampling organic vegan treats and browsing through the work of local artists.

With about 20 designers displaying their work, this is RevWear’s biggest ever show. “I think we’ll get a huge turnout,” said Sonia Jind, director of the 2008 show and a fifth year Honours Psychology student at Mac. Jind has been working with RevWear since its inception in 2004.
Though she admits to having initially been drawn to the project more for the fashion aspect than anything else, Jind has since changed her tune. “I’ve met some of the most amazing people who’ve really changed me, being a part of RevWear has changed the way I think…The environmental aspect of the fashion show is most important to me now,” she said.

The recent popularity of eco-friendly fashion is helping RevWear take greater strides towards success. The fashion show which begun as a relatively low profile daytime event in McMaster University’s Student Centre, is traveling to reach Toronto audiences for the first time this year. “Toronto is only the first step. My goal is to eventually have every school having their own RevWear,” says Jind. Though a seemingly ambitious goal, with two years of sold-out shows under its belt, it will likely be only a matter of time before RevWear spreads to other schools and cities across Ontario.

It is refreshing to see local youth so socially aware and focused on effecting change in the community through the innovative and far-reaching approach of fashion. Even those primarily interested in the aesthetic appeal of the RevWear project will have the chance to open their minds to new and interesting ideas while contributing to the RevWear cause.

This year, RevWear organizers have decided to use all proceeds from the show in order to build sustainable relationships within the Hamilton community though the spread of creativity and skill-sharing. They will be providing a series of workshops by local professional artists as a way to provide a creative learning experience for community members who otherwise would not have had the means to access this kind of opportunity. RevWear is committed to strengthening the Hamilton community through action-oriented charity and to spreading the message of change and possibility.

The three show times for the RevWear fashion show are Thursday, Feb. 7th from 11:00 am-1:00pm at the McMaster University Student Centre (1280 Main St. West, Hamilton), Saturday, Feb. 9th from 8:00-10:00pm at The Pearl Company (16 Steven St., Hamilton), and Saturday, March 1st from 8:00-10:00pm at University of Toronto’s Innis Theatre (2 Sussex Ave., Toronto). There is a suggested $10 donation at the door.

For further information
Contact: revwear2008@gmail.com

Comments Welcome!


 on: January 15, 2008, 12:48:33 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor

Considering the predicted economic slump including the unpredictability with oil prices a reality that will dramatically impact on every
Personal, institutional and business it seems to me that at times such as this, when the uncertainties out weight the possibility of balance
It may be better to hold and maintain a steady hand rather than flaunting the hand of fate knowing this economic storm may contain
Many surprises that will only add to the already overburdened tax payer...
Perhaps the focus should be directed to deminishing the 20% poverty rate to 5%  and providing the 30% of those who leave this city
Daily with employment within the area, or at least reduce the 30% to 10%. ...
We can expand the Airport, spend millions on potential expansion with the hopes of one day collecting. There is no doubt that sewers
And water, including the wastewater plant but in the final analysis if millions in aid from the Feds or Prov. this city will become the most
Expensive and downtrodden City to live in...Without a broader employment base and unless this city expends it's energy  in attracting
New and vibrant employment there is no hope... Only desperation......

Comments welcome!


 on: January 15, 2008, 12:38:26 pm 
Started by editor - Last post by editor
Where are we going...?  Angry

When we seriously take a look at all the major projects that Hamilton has promenaded in the last decade;
Red Hill project, Lister Block, HECFI, Airport Project, City Hall building, is that they have created more
Descent and negative perception of this City. Repeatedly demonstrating this city's inability to negotiate firm
Costs for such projects. Moreover it fails to consider all the environment impacts, including limiting cost
Overruns. These two issues have left the tax payer holding the bag for millions of dollars beyond said project

Over the last week I had the opportunity to carouse with some community leaders at large. Their impression
Of Hamilton's City hall, a joke, a comedy of errors. Someone suggested that it would be a great model for
The Canadian air farce in particular when the last stage setting, "The building of Hamilton's City Hall"
Now consider Major spending premised on growth projections to spend $1.6 billion ..though such spending is
Planned to take place over the next decade, but over half is scheduled for the next two years – $191 million in
2008, and $657 million in 2009. If one considers the history of financial accountability the final expenditure by
The end of the decade will be more in line with $2.3 billion. Such calculations are based on the fact that the world
Is changing, prices of raw materials will more than triple that of today's prices. The expected growth rate will never
Sustain expectations. But most importantly is the failure of this city to consider how the world conditions will impact,
In particular transportation, business sustainability in the area, including the general cost of living, basic shelter,
Hydro, heat, and food...these costs could easily triple. The fundamental facts begs the question, Where are the
Jobs sustainability? How many more tax dollars can you squeeze?  Huh

Some have said, Hamilton's failure has always been trying to be something it's not, rather the focusing on it's own

Comments welcome!


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