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76  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Sustainability or Mirage on: June 11, 2006, 08:47:56 am
Sustainability or Mirage
How about a little reality?

In view of Richard Gilbert report and the fact that the Airport issue is on a slow burn, I think Hamilton needs to
redirect it's focus. I am not suggestion to abandon the airport but I think the idea is five to ten years away. Secondly,
much of the success of this project is based on the Mid Peninsula Hwy. I agree that if this project is solely based on
the relationship of air transportation that it suffers greatly with regard to future costs of transportation. The
Mid Peninsula Hwy. would improve this somewhat. There is little doubt that the Airport area development requires
much more in-depth analysis as to it's use. Though the two upper levels of government are having discourses on the
Mid Peninsula Hwy. it will still take years to complete.

Though I believe that Hamilton is at the door way of opportunity for the creation of electricity as noted in Gilbert's
report. Though the Mayor appears more concerned with image, nevertheless if this issue was properly marketed and
was founded on the best technology available, Hamilton could rise from the ashes. Properly sold this idea could find
funding from the federal and provincial governments including surrounding cities, in particular Toronto.

The idea of converting garbage into electricity is a gold mine, one just has to have sufficient imagination to step
beyond the raw product. The returns for the future are endless. There is much information on the internet with
regards to this issue, but here is a page for your information. An idea BC. put into practice, by the way no one
is having an image problem.

If Hamilton does not get this straight it will be a dam shame-
Follow the link to BCís project

"We need to raise the bar in regards to development"

That maybe the ideal at the same time one need to balance development with sustainability. Consider the fact that the
creation of electricity through solid waste would produce sufficient electricity to supply electric rail transportation system
through the GTA from Hamilton to Toronto, including through to Brantford, if planned properly directly to the Hamilton
airport. This also could include the transportation of goods and services . Secondly, provide electrical busses for the city.
I think we are tied to tightly to the poor management that was wrought by the steel industry, technology, education
and economic changes bare out the facts to if the steel industry was established today in Hamilton it would have a
different face including the manner in which oil byproducts are handled.

ďSelling the electricity to BC Hydro will generate gross revenues of $5-6 million a year for the GVRD, an economic benefit
for the region's residents. Considering, the volume of raw material available in this area the gross revenues of such a venture
could exceed $20 million a year and up wards.

"Raising the bar" is to ensure we maintain the highest environment standards ,  Nevertheless, we are in an era that energy
will be the determining factor to growth and productivity. Perhaps reflecting on incinerators that were built thirty years ago,
I would agree with the environment concerns. Though to dismiss this potential considering the high increase of fuel expectancy
and the desire to bring this City into realizing it's full potential and beyond serious consideration into alternative modes of moving
people and goods through the GTA must be developed.

Personally, Hamilton's image has not been tainted so much by the industries that have laid the foundation for the city but by
mismanagement. Including a long history that involved a subculture that was self serving and placed no value on city need.
Much of this has dissipated but we should not allow the past to determine our future, we should learn from it, setting higher
standards but that does not mean throwing out the baby with the wash.

There will be no other form of energy than electricity that will propel society for years to come that will be sustainable and viable
including as environmentally friendly, considering the reality of our ever increasing need to dispose of our by products, that can be
recycled into next generation of sustainable renewed energy. 

Sooner or later this will become the door way to sustainable power....
Gold mine of the future....
some will be saying....
why didn't we......

What do you think...?

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77  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Hamilton Elected on: June 10, 2006, 01:52:02 pm
Hamilton Elected-


*No tender process:
*Secret negotiations:
*Delayed circulation of staff report:
*No prior circulation of the staff report to the public and media
*Secret debate of councillors
*Missing Formal Information
*Questionable notice of meeting
*Rushed decision-making process

The compliance auditor spent three pages of his report trying to unravel $4,000 in donations to Di Ianni apparently related to LIUNA.
There was $750 from the Labourers' International Union of North America, $250 from Local 837 of LIUNA, $750 from LIUNA Gardens Limited,
$750 from LIUNA Station (which was determined to be illegal), $750 from LIUNA Ontario Provincial District Council, and $750 from
LIUNA Contractors' Training Council (an organization that the auditor was unable to determine whether it was ďappropriately constituted
and eligible to contribute to municipal election campaignsĒ.) Di Ianni got an additional $750 from Joe Mancinelli, an international vice-president
of LIUNA, and the spokesperson for all its local operations, and another $750 from Mancinelli's wife. Mancinelli subsequently co-chaired a fundraiser
at LIUNA Station to address Di Ianni's campaign deficit. LIUNA Local 837 provided $750 donations to five other members of city council in the
2003 election (Sam Merulla, Bill Kelly, Terry Whitehead, Tom Jackson and Chad Collins) and somewhat lesser amounts to two others
(Maria Pearson and Bernie Morelli). Those seven, plus Di Ianni cast 8 of the 12 votes that approved the Lister deal on May 9, 2005.

Bought and paid for, a city claiming itís in the tax payers interest. Di Ianniís transparency, like the faded
Lister block woven in historical decay. A political cesspool founded on the backs of tax payers. Conflict
of interest blind the good will of this city. A city embedding their false hopes for future sustainability. A
concrete cow that produces no meaningfully return and image of an era past, re-polished as an emblem
that edifies yesterdays decay.

A city without foundation crumbling on itís self, a city so concerned with itís image as itís leadership paints
a mirage with our hard earned dollars. A city of pride with the highest poverty rate, with a tax rates that
are suffocating growth, advocating, that this city is a great place to live amidst a history of un-sustainability.
In fact 32% of the work force, and rising, leaves this city daily to find meaningfully employment. Perhaps,
the Lister block should remain until a real plan of sustainability for this city is implemented and actualized,
as a reminder to City Hall.

What do you think...?

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78  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Delaying Lister revamp will hurt us all on: June 08, 2006, 09:24:33 am
Re:Delaying Lister revamp will hurt us all
By Milton J. Lewis, Hamilton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 8, 2006)

It Must Be Election Season

"Mayor Larry Di Ianni has provided clear and decisive leadership on this issue. It is time for city council to
follow and support that leadership."

The truth be told, the Lister Block is not the only symbol of all that is wrong with our downtown and our city.
When it comes down to it, Di Ianni has provided little leadership towards meaningfully growth. But has rather
played Russian roulette embedding tax dollars into future possibilities. Failed to deal with HECFI in a financial
responsible manner, plunged millions of dollars into the airport development with possible returns sometime
in the future..maybe. Di Ianni, takes the applauds as he shuffles the tin cup before the provincial government
who deposited a few shilling but fails to secure long term commitment.
Though the Lister Block may represent and date Hamiltonís decay, it certainly is not the cause. Perhaps, the
the truth of the matter is that Di Ianni represents the imputes of what has been. Belief that modifying the Lister
Block or the rebuilding. providing city council with "new" quarters will be the imputes for new growth and
prosperity for the city of Hamilton is a myth...delusions of grandeur will do little to solve the poverty rate,
highest taxes per household, or create permanent sustainable employment.

What do you think...?

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79  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / What feeds Terrorism- on: June 04, 2006, 10:03:11 am
What feeds Terrorism-

Terrorism by itís very nature displays outer directed hate, retaliation of perceived injustice. Though tied
to some social cultural and moral code that provides the imputes for extreme sacrifice. Generally, a belief
system that is so indoctrinated in absolutes that isolation becomes a key ingredient to foster germination.
The second component is indifference by the world, a powerful reinforcer. In fact the only time the world
pays significant attention to such isolation is at the dawn of a threat or after such is declared.

For centuries developed countries of wealth and power foster manipulation, exploit said populations, with
total disregard of inner social conflict, constantly usurping and grinding at the outer rim of such systems.
Much like and exploding developing industrialized country forcing wild bear into a corner, though for a
time their instincts direct them to move on, to follow the path of least resistance. But there comes a point
when the bear has little choice but to invade and become the predator.

This phenomenon has transcended time, North America was founded on such principals, disgruntled with
European pressures we migrated here to create our own space, to define our principals of rights and freedom.
Without vision or intent we conquered others that enslaved our mark of control and supremacy. In fact
historically, it could be said that terrorism has been the a vanguard to wars, the fall and beginning of many
great nations.

In the past decades we focused on the development on weapons that could destroy the world. This catastrophic
reality cued our notion that this methodology was both self destructive and contrary to our selfish goals. Nevertheless,
our learning curves are narrow and slow, though we recognize that mediation and justice are the tools of today, we
chose to delay, bury, to politicize, and frustrate, using courts and legalism as our battle fields that have become a never
ending game of manipulation.

In a world that justice has become so politicized, it has laid the seed and for many. The foundation of justice
lays somewhere between terrorism and social revolution. This fact has become the underpinning of democracy,
where the rule of law is the manipulation of rights. Where terrorism and social revolution are perceived as the
final court of justice.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated
80  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / Are Tobacco Laws Shifting Socialization on: June 01, 2006, 10:23:21 am
Are Tobacco Laws Shifting Socialization-

Mid weak a little past seven, in the back yard, several tables with bear cases, rolling out is the big screen TV.
Out come the ashtrays, with, ďthis is much cheaper than at a bar and by the way, if you drink and drive, itís
your problem but dam it, if you want to smoke your free to do so, if you donít like it, you can leave.Ē
Chuckle...chuckle...as bottles pop open, as cigarettes are light.

Just a little reminder of prohibition days, of back yards satisfying the determined, a reality that may continue
to churn into a underground social phenomenon. Perhaps eroding into a market like the drug trade, though
legal, nevertheless itís survival extends beyond the law and continental borders. Now that governments and
lobbyists have shuttled this issue behind closed doors, education on such practice will erode as we blindly
assume a resolve...though in the long run, itís like sex, drugs music and politics, mans need for self destruction
always finds it way through the cracks...These ideas of virtue only shift virtus dollars temporally, until the bubble
floats to the top and greed realizes that itís not getting itís fair share. Governments have never succeeded to
legislate morality, decency, honesty nor health or wealth...they just keep playing a shell game..shifting the political tide.

What do you think..?

Comments appreciated
81  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Local school boards divert funds on: May 31, 2006, 01:10:04 pm
Local school boards divert funds-
The province designates to local school board $17, 000 for every child that is diagnosed LD, ADD, ADHD, if all three or more labels that
are put on the child, all the more the money. The money is suppose to go to the schools for these special needs children but they do not see
all of it. The school board keeps most.
Reg. Woodworth, a Trustee of the Hamilton-Wentworth District schools, ward 14-15 of Flamborough confirmed that this "assumption is
partly correct" and that, the Superintendent of business, Don Grant  could provide the break down with regards to such. Though Mr. Grant
has been contacted several times, his response has been silence.
I find this rather deplorable that such funds would be diverted to other areas, considering that the population designated is one of the most
vulnerable in an academic setting. Considering the flow of statements issued by many school boards of provincial cut backs, while local boards
steal form the most vulnerable.
What do you think...?

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82  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Tragedy Waiting on: May 28, 2006, 09:44:12 am
Tragedy Waiting

A great site, the silent two wheeled with helmets bobbing through the greenery of the country side. The
singing of narrow tires whispering against the pavement, heading toward a catastrophe. In the dullness
of night fall or in the shining mid day, a vehicle at 60 km. streaming over a hill, below a dozen or more
silent wheels in the middle of the road. Children and all showing their disgust that their moment was
invaded by the sound of a horn, displaying their fingers, maintaining their stance in the center of the lane.
Tomorrow, this will end in a tragedy with wheels silenced with blood and tears. The privilege of cyclists on
paved back country roads is becoming as prevalent and as dangerous as deer crossing the highway. Cyclists
need to maintain single file. Moreover, they need to use better judgement as to where they take their breaks
to enjoy their comradeship, the sunrise, or the sunset in the mist of evening. This wonderful adventure is bound
to end in a tragedy of wheels crushed in the middle of a blood bath.
These issues are being observed and reported to police but it seem to be overlooked as a minor issue. Are
we all waiting for a tragedy before realistic action is taken. Perhaps, we have arrived at a time when road
sign are need to remind cyclists that they too, have to be responsible?
 What do you think...?

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83  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / How can Hamilton be more influential? / Re-The Caledonia affair on: May 25, 2006, 12:53:55 pm
Re-The Caledonia affair
By: Keri
HamiltonViews May 25,2006

I agree with what you are saying the Caledonia situation is one that should raise great concern in all Canadians as it symbolizes our governments disregard, for its own promises. Yet the people of Caledonia are so concerned about the immediate, getting the roads open so that they can go back to ostrages as you put it...arises more concern. I doubt the people of Caledonia have looked at the long term effects, or how much more strength would be represented had they stood in support of the Natives.

I understand that a road closure and power being out is extremely inconvenient. If our government "inconveniences" us by making decisions that we are now law bound to abide in, no one says anything, yet when the Native community finally stands up for their rights, and do not take the neglect and lack of follow through from our government, all of a sudden the rest of the community is in an uproar. Furthermore now the Caledonia community is going to be dealing with racial conflict that has never really been abolished in that area anyway and will only be heightened due to recent events. The peoples ignorance and the need for immediate satisfaction of what appeases residence at the moment. If this issue was reversed I bet that the Natives would have stood in support of the Caledonia people as they understand the fight against the powers of government and the importance to stand for justice; they have been fighting for hundreds of years.

The government is the bully on the playground and it is time that we started standing united against the corruption, the government makes decisions that change the lives of a smaller number of people and no one cares until they are part of that smaller population themselves. Then the people stand with frustration in their own protest too small to make a difference and so the cycle continues. Change needs to happen within the people of Canada as at one point or another we all need the voices of the ostrages burred in the sand, if we stop being them ourselves and help the whispers of the fighting population perhaps there is a change for democracy. But if no one is participating in the democracy then only a whisper of the few is heard and the government is great at stopping out a whisper.

 What do you think...?

Comments appreciated


84  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / How can Hamilton be more influential? / The Caledonia Affair on: May 25, 2006, 10:36:23 am
The Caledonia Affair

From out of the dark age, tainted promises, manipulated by government, politicizing entrenched treaties, modifying, usurping native
rights and non natives. These types of protests are only the beginning...the general population of Canada is peaceful and co-operative,
though perhaps a little to apathetic. For two hundred or more years promises of resolution to clarify and redress many of the issues
that have plagued the native population. Though perceived by the general non-natives as issues that support the prejudicial notion
that Native People are just looking for a free ride.
How immune we have become to blind promises of government in which the democratic process has been violated, where billions
of our federal dollars have been funneled in a attempt to secure political alignment. Issues of amalgamation that contradicted the
provincial accord, though taken to a public vote and vetoed, the province imposed itís will, discarding the democratic process. This
process continues to culminate and fodder our idiom embedded in democracy. The large majority of Canadians are like ostriches,
but most have to take our heads out of the sand occasionally as we view the epidemic and the degrading of our rights we cringe
at what we have allowed to slip away.
In the silence of our minds the Caledonia affair perhaps triggers our own deep seated feeling of anger that translate into the sense
of decrees that have been thwarted and devalued the underpinning of democracy. We after all may be in the same place as the
Natives were a hundred years ago, wanting and waiting for due process, passively working to resolve the deterioration of
democracy while bureaucratic minds are busy burring our intrinsic rights. The ashes of Caledonia are the burning cinders that
should spark, in all of us, the decay of a democracy that is being eroded by indifference.
What do you think...?
Comments appreciated

85  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Hamilton's Apocalypce on: May 01, 2006, 04:57:25 pm
Apocalypse soon
Kevin Werner,
Brabant Newspapers
Apr 28, 2006

" states in his report that the city does need employment lands. The problem, though, is city planners are
focused on making the airport the city's economic engine. It's an engine that will only too soon sputter."
"about 32 per cent of Hamilton's workforce leaves the city for jobs outside the area."
including a
"projected 3.7 million people expected to arrive in the Golden Horseshoe over the next 25 years."
The City should focus it's funds and energy in attracting new business into the area. Failing to do so will
triple the poverty rate. There is little doubt that, considering high fuel prices, out of the 32% that leave the city
to work a great percentage will chose to move out of Hamilton. This migration is already transparent, many who
have recently retired are contemplating moving out of Hamilton, many having recently placed their homes on the
market. With the highest taxes, with little in return. Many are discovering that the only reasonable and affordable
housing is downtown and they don't want their children living there. As several individuals expressed, itís not directly
the cost of buying outside of the downtown, itís the fact that there is no sustainable employment in the area.
Consequently, to simply own a place downtown midst crumbling walls is one thing, but then your trapped, because
they will never increase in value, itís better to take our lumps sooner than later, because it only going to get worse.
The general feelings are that the City sole focus is on the airport and surrounding area and is failing to insure
jobs and growth in other sections of Hamilton. Perhaps the mayor's office, and senior staff have a good reason
in delaying,
"Dr. Richard Gilbert's peak oil study"
needing more time to reinvent the wheel.

What do you think-

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86  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Conflict "The Lister Block" on: April 28, 2006, 09:27:18 am
Showdown looming over the Lister Block
By Andrew Dreschel
The Hamilton Spectator
More articles by this columnist
(Apr 28, 2006)

The tax payer will be on the hook.
ďThat's a big change from the original plans announced with such fanfare in May 2005. Back then they envisioned cataloguing
and dismantling the six-storey brick facade piece-by-piece and lovingly reassembling it over a modern office interior.Ē
No one would argue with that fact. a decision with the Lister block need to be dealt with. But ....conflict of interest is written all over
this one. Many at City Council desperate to flaunt progress in to downtown just before an election, the resounding need that has lead
to the idea of the City leasing such, due to claims the present city hall is to small? Lets face the facts if the City decides to embark on the
deal, the tax payer is going to pay. The City will claim that in the long run the taxpayer save a lot money. On the other hand if the City
declines to scrap this idea this sore sight of the Lister block will remain.

A City turning in on itself, self absorbing, failing to or lacking the skills to attract outside interests, creating and developing a strategic
plan that this City is open for business. City Council should not reward itís self with new office space until it can demonstrate that it
can provide new sustainable and viable outside interests into the downtown. The question that need to be examined is, are all the
old and decaying buildings in the City going to be re-stored, rebuilt, on the backs of the tax payer?  Getting rid of the Lister block
may contribute to an appearance that things are changing and progress to the revitalization is moving ahead but the truth is itís a
dilemma twisted in a conflict of interest, adding to the bottom line of our already over taxed base.

What do you think....?

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87  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Commonwealth Games bid on: April 26, 2006, 10:04:58 am
City of Hamiltonís discussion
Commonwealth Games bid
April 18, 2006


Looking for something positive, even with City discussions, is an ardent task. After reading and re-reading
the April 18, 2006 discourse on, 2014 Commonwealth Games, there lays the subtile reminder of high school
children debating that the teachers were unfair, they did not tell us that this or that was on the test. Perhaps,
more deep rooted in this discussion is the paramount reaction of families who for generations have lived on
welfare. The thrust of the debate centering on how to beat the system, with the resounding note from tinker bell
on the high note of integrity but in agreement that the process was not fair.
The real issue is embedded in, "Whitehead" "....I think the Canadian Ö has sort of caught up to the fact that
we should be using these games to leverage opportunities for communities in need. "With regards to the
Commonwealth Games there is a deep seated design to elevate communities that have been disadvantaged
through circumstances beyond their control,  a city that has and demonstrates itís ability to manage within
some perceived economic and social standard.
Hamilton with itís industrial base and financial resources is in it's present condition because of many years of
mismanagement. There is no earthly way that anyone could wander through the history of Hamilton and not
be remiss to this fact. Historically, the Commonwealth Games comity have expressed the desire to have a long
term impact but are cautious with how this impact will be managed for future benefits or lost due to historical
inability to manage such. In my mind I have not seen many major initiative that this city has undertaken in the
last decade that has contributed to the revitalization of the downtown. In the past years the focus and major
initiative has been the Airport. Where millions are being spent, though the reality that plagues this initiative is
the fact that the Airport is not accessible, buried deeply into the background without the simplest and basic
infrastructure such as highways. The only hope that this plan had was the Midpeninsula highway to which the
city failed to assure from the province that the was to be an eventuality prior to investing millions on the Airport.
The fact that, another airport north of Toronto was endorsed by the province and at the same time the provincial
initiative of the Green Space has sealed this process for decades to which you stood by in blind indifference, until
it was too late.
Perhaps, itís time to grow up and smell the roses or maybe make sure there is enough horse power to carry the chariot
of dreams before sifting our tax dollars into ventures that leave the downtown in humble rubble. While you ponder why
there are so many in this City who oppose the, "pursuit of the National Hockey League franchise"
"World Junior Hockey bid" "Commonwealth Games." The cart always seems to be placed before the horse.

What do you think....?

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88  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Composting Our Tax Dollars on: April 24, 2006, 08:18:45 pm
Compost and Green Carts

There are times I sincerely question the gray matter that is composting at Hamiltonís city hall. The spending of thousands
of dollars on such Trivial "Compost and Green Carts" including delivering them to residence who have gardens or who live
 in the rural are. Including the continues expenditure of collecting and reinforcing bad habits when educating the public, that
are in a position to compost such materials. This is a prime example of wasted tax dollars that continues to be exhibited in
this City. This may be a solution for those who live in apartments or for those who don't have the space to compost. Moreover,
advertising " Free compost! (with food donation)" I think this is disgusting, considering that what has already been spent-
Perhaps those dollars spent on "Green Carts should have been donated to the food banks...

Just another "$265,000 impact on our taxes... "Composted"

What do you think....?

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89  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / How can Hamilton be more influential? / Justice for All ? on: April 22, 2006, 02:13:12 pm
And justice for all?
By Warren Sault, Brantford
The Hamilton Spectator
(Apr 22, 2006)
Justice for all, words that may resound again, with natives shedding a long and enduring conflict to maintain
their property rights. With a long history of failed resolutions embedded in government bureaucracy the ideals
and principals that it owns such lands without due process and realistic compensation for such.
"Some residents of Caledonia seem to have forgotten a time when the town's economy was, at least partially,
dependent on the Six Nations residents. Maybe it has never been acknowledged."

This assumption of abusive power resonates with many landowners whoís rights have been usurped by Provincial
legislation with regards to Green Space. Entrenched rights embedded in agriculture, for generations, allowed farmers
after ten years of farming to sever a retirement lot. For generations small towns maintained the rights to gradually
expand allowing local farmers to live out their days in their local communities. The Green Belt legislation has usurped
these entrench rights, many of such lands are trapped within areas that are no longer sustainable agricultural properties,
lands that are too small for said purpose or that previous growth has exposed such properties to be deemed so limited
to a variety of agriculture practices. These many properties are devalued as their proximity to rural growth and are not
sustainable for the purposes of agriculture.
No one is disputing the need to re-evaluate the ideals of green space but the province is doing so at the expense of
historical practice. With the swipe of a pen and without compensation it unilaterally stole the rights of farmers.
"So on one hand the Legislature understands the need to purchase property from its owners while on the other
they intend to severely restrict land rights at the stroke of a pen without compensation."
This process to place while cities stood by and failed to represent or help define major issues that has allowed this tragic
use of power to assimilate all rural properties into a vast pool. This process is discriminatory, and prejudicial and violates
the historical principles that had assisted and allows many farmers to retire in dignity. Now many of said properties are
becoming worthless and have no meaningfully agriculture value. Perhaps, the native plight with respect to property rights
is the door way and a guide to re-establish all of our property rights.

What do you think..?

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90  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Municipalities can't sue for libel, judges say on: April 21, 2006, 03:10:44 pm
Municipalities can't sue for libel, judges say

Two recent court cases reinforce the right of citizens to criticize local governments


What do you think..?

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