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1  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Ontario Social / Political Issues / Ontario rules force reporting of bullies on: February 06, 2010, 03:07:23 pm
Ontario rules force reporting of bullies

"Educators who fail to report serious incidents could face sanctions under the Ontario College of Teachers Act for failing to comply with the Education Act.The new law also mandates that those who deal directly with students, such as teachers and educational assistants, must respond to improper behavior, such as a sexist remark or offensive joke."

To McGuinty, school boards and parents
I am going to say it again and again...

Bullying is a result of parents and schools failing to teach respect of each other. Though many will applaud this venture, this will not change the fundamental facts that parents and our education system are failing. The proof is in the pudding and as a society, we as adults become frustrated due to our neglect, we scream ban, ban, or demand that the state creates laws to punish those that we have failed to teach or direct. We focus on their actions rather than the cause; in this case, it will be someone's child....who we have failed; mostly because children have become a commodity, rather than recognizing that we have failed to nurture them...They are, what we have become, "bullies".

I am suggesting that bulling takes many forms, but the issue here, is how it's interpreted.Consider the fact that little children will bully each other when frustrated or want something that another child has.Also teasing can be considered bullying and to one time or another children tease one another, and true it goes too far at times; What is not taught are boundaries. With regards to,"not only from children but from adults" who is going to pay the price for adult bulling, a child? Bulling is a reaction of fear and and an attempt to assert power over an individual. This type of Behavior is predominate throughout our society and at this time we going to penalize the child? A more appropriate methodology would be to reinstate an etiquette classes beginning in Kindergarten.
In my opinion simply punishing these so called, bullies" will only instill in them a greater sense of lost autonomy and their behaviors will escalate. From my experience bullies have low self-esteem and self-confidence and by using authoritarian means to control their Behavior will only displace such behaviors. Having a mandatory course on etiquette where they can see and experience the effects of their behaviors would have a greater impact.Moreover, having a mandatory course on etiquette provides inclusiveness and as a result even the bullied have a greater understanding that such actions have little to do with themselves but rather the perceptions and needs of the bully; at the same time is offers the bully and opportunity to understand themselves and they may more readily accept the impact of their Behavior.

Do you think that is going too far...does this not smell like imperialism censorship, right out of Hitler-ism. Why not label all children at birth as criminals ....at one time or another they will be considered a "bully".

2  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / How can Hamilton be more influential? / Province, Caledonia couple settlement on: December 31, 2009, 01:19:25 pm
Province, Caledonia couple settlement
Hamilton Spectator CALEDONIA (Dec 31, 2009) -

"The Ontario government has suddenly settled a lawsuit
with a family that was suing Queen's Park"

I disagree that such settlements should remain confidential;
In particular when it involves the tax payers monies. Moreover,
This situation  regardless of the pay out, the court should have
Made a ruling due to the facts that such is in the public's interest.
The facts in this case are a prime example of how the system
Avoids responsibility. A ruling would have clarified for the
Public what they are entitled  to when it comes to protection
From the state.  As things stand it seams that, the courts are
Feeding into political shades that supports, our protection
Services are determined based on political  reasoning rather
Than the fiduciary responsibility of the police act.

3  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / Re: 2010, Accountability Camaign on: December 31, 2009, 10:41:33 am
Thanks for your good wishes and Seasons greeting to you. Appreciate your comments and I do plan to revitalize more energy to this site. You may have noticed that It is now open to the public to register...There are far too many important issues that are never raised by the media. Therefore, I have decided to provide a greater open door for such; if you have any suggestions for new topics please PM me and I will address them.

Have a great year.

4  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / 2010, Accountability Camaign on: December 30, 2009, 01:38:53 pm
A bicycle ride from Ottawa to Windsor Ontario in an effort to increase public awareness of the need for Transparency and Accountability of Children's Aid Societies through improved internal, external and ministerial oversight.

For further information:

For further information on this subject visit:
5  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / Re: Russia challenges west with nuclear overhaul on: October 29, 2008, 06:26:40 pm
Yes I am still around, as to commenting in "have your say" they are issues that seem rather trivial...
and are more inline with keeping one distracted...form real issues...Smiley

When it comes to the Arctic, the last frontier, it will be propagated and divided amongst the wealthy
while the average person will continue to carry the burden of slavery, like mediaplexis,
great ideas that are breed to hold us all in ball and chains while poverty increases. The doorway to
world government; while local governments will justify their positions of taxation with the folklore
that they have no control on world markets.

As far as the, "sky is not falling" it's just another term to create a false sense of security while the
powers secure a tighter grip on stronger chains that bind us to their reality....once we are convinced
we will bend to their will and accept a heavier load..

With regards to the "October Posting"
"in the near future is understanding that many of the people who you thought would be true blue
to the end will fall by the way side"
Perhaps  it's already a fact...we don't even know who our neighbors are any more...friendship has
become use and abuse...and when they have served their purpose you discard them and on you
go to the next....a little like marriage....When it comes to God....as far as the majority is concerned
He is there to bend to their will...They have become Gods, unto themselves...perhaps as Milton in
Lost Paradise quoted Satin as saying, "It's better to reign Hell than to serve in Heaven."


6  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / Re: Russia challenges west with nuclear overhaul on: October 26, 2008, 06:55:30 pm
My reading of this and other remarks by Dmitry Medvedev are posturing...but trying to persuade the Us to keeps it's nose out of what
they feel is not the world's business, Georgian.

Russia is well aware of the US costs that it has occurred in war over the past years and including the state of the US economics on the home front.
Perhaps a little like Harper recognizing that the Liberal party was broke and economically things were going to get worse...consequently a call for a
election on the balance would automatically give him a 50% advantage...

Medvedev  vagueness I think was intentional...but I think it was just political rhetoric, as I don't think Russia has the resources or the will of it's people
to go in that direction...

Just thoughts..

7  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Re: A Mayorial Viision of Unkempt Medians on: May 30, 2008, 12:42:29 pm
What is reflected here is the total inconsistencies within Hamilton's city hall, no one having an overall perspective; a grab bag of ideas floating in every direction
and no accountability. These issues continue daily, it's no wonder that Hamilton is in the state that it is...down the drain.

Such incompetence creates such mistrust making it almost impossible to develop any forward motion, a merry-go-around, like rats in a cage searching for food
and end up devouring themselves...Such realities have cost us millions in the past and it seems, the more things change the more they remain the same...

8  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Tax tiff: Up in arms in Flamborough on: May 08, 2008, 11:52:59 am
Re:Tax tiff: Up in arms in Flamborough
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 8, 2008)

In silence, surrounded by anger, in the presents of Hamilton's leadership with regards
To a 10% tax increase of Flamborough the residents were left carrying the load with
Acrimonies from councilor Whitehead, " that the residents of Flamborough are confused
And blinded with misunderstanding; reinforcing his ego that we, City of Hamilton, made the
Right decision in levering the 10% tax on Flamborough; followed by the Mayor Fred Eisenberger
Placid remarks that we are, the City of Hamilton, far better off together than being separate
As the meeting ended most left with further bitter distain towards the perceived dictatorial
Leadership of the City of Hamilton, licking their wounds without a touch of salt to flavor or
Soften the cold realities of their 10% tax burden.
By all accounts a tragically missed opportunity by the City, since amalgamation, not only
To demonstrate leadership but to facility a perceived disparity between Flamborough and the
City of Hamilton. In reflection it's little wonder that Hamilton remains so divided, whether
it's regarding the downtown redevelopment, airport, or the development of infrastructure,
Including updating the local transportation system.
A City divided against itself, without leadership when small comprises on the over all landscape
Could help unify, like spreading the returns from the Slots, Flamborough downs, over a five year
period into the purse of the City's pocket. As a resident of Flamborough, I understand that
sooner or later that equalization of the tax base is a necessary reality, Though considering
The under pinning of this situation there are no winners, in the short term Flamborough will
seeming carry the burden of 10% tax increase but the resentment and the negativity will be
further ingrained; including the negative energy towards the City of Hamilton that will be expended.
In summary the final words of Mayor Fred...."Flamborough you have not been forgotten"
The question will Flamborough forget?
Comments welcome!


9  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Flamborough, Hamilton Ontario, tax increase 10 per cent on: April 28, 2008, 08:25:12 am
Flamborough, Hamilton Ontario, tax increase close to 10 per cent

(this means war) follow the following link for the pre-amble


Perceptions, Myths and History

Reconciliation is mitigated through substance and understanding, a bridge that need
to take into account the sense of solitude and pride that Flamborough's community
perceived, true or false, a standard of fiscal and moral integrity far above what they
perceived that had been practiced in Hamilton.

Waterdown's population was tightly tied to agriculture, values that were closer in-tuned
with the whole of Flamborough. In their historical perception the City of Hamilton, though
a neighbor, was that the City of Hamilton political arena was tied too closely to bosses of
crime syndicates. That corruption and financial decay was mitigated through such ties and
as a result only certain groups were the benefactors of political and tax basses decisions.
Where as Flamborough perceived themselves as being more homogenous to the whole
community. Though this being factual, to work as neighbors through the process at the time,
Regional Government from which the amalgamated centers like Flamborough did benefit
financial from Hamilton; yet the perceptions true or false Flamborough maintained a strong
distain for the way Hamilton was managed. From the outside looking in Flamborough saw the
decay, while it retained it's self a small affluent bedroom of Hamilton and Burlington. Cleaner
and brighter without heavy industry and only a touch of light criminal activity.

With changing times accompanied with economic realities the City of Hamilton was being crushed
with financial pearls. Part of another reality was Regional government was not that effective and
it was felt that changes needed to be addressed. Hamilton required more funds to operate including
the fact that it's infrastructure was, is, collapsing and the province by it's self could not, did not want
to rescue Hamilton through provincial funding. As a result with all the above issues, including others,
prompted the drive to save Hamilton through amalgamation.

Though the above is a summary it's only part of the issue. Considering the economic realities the
amalgamated Cities were also beginning to feel the financial pressures of a changing world. In
time, in order for small places like Flamborough to survive on their own, taxes would double or triple
or they would have to expand with an alarming growth to maintain their tax base at the time.

On a side note, with regards to Flamborough Slots, some have suggested that Flamborough was
the recipient of such by the generosity of Stony Creek and Hamilton...Firstly, Hamilton did not want
to allow such within it's City and Stony Creek could find a reasonable location for such...
to those who want to lay some platitudes for some future political grace need not apply...

As a result of the above, except the previous paragraph, the wedding between Hamilton and
Flamborough was predestined to be a difficult one. It was akin to young teen getting married
and their parents being rivals for years. Then you add the conflict of Flamborough being divided
into three; for many this was heart wrenching, for some it was like a divorce. Yet for others to
divide Flamborough was far better than being part of Hamilton. When you add insult to injury,
with the province conceding to a vote on the issue, a clear result was a no, followed by the
Province dictating amalgamation.

With this picture as a background it's easy to see why anything taken from Flamborough is
perceived as another slap in the face. Perhaps for many the transition is incomplete or maybe
there is some small hope this will be reversed. The sad reality is that, neither Hamilton nor the
Province has made any significant efforts to mitigate or to smooth out some of these difference.
Interestingly hanging on a neighbors refrigerator was a comment by Terry Cook, that had, "we
don't really want Flamborough" circled in red.

The truth is, for better or worse this wedding is over and in this Province there will never be
allowed a decree of divorce. Practically as time passed such ideas will be impossible and
financially intertwined. At the same time there needs to be some real accountability on the part
of the City of Hamilton. Moreover, the City needs to recognize the diversity and complexity of
this City and of it's divergent social background.  Moreover, if a distasteful pill is needed, a touch
of honey will make it more palatable. In the final analysis when all is said, would it be a greater
to be able the celebrate such a union as apposed to building constant resentment. This opportunity
speaks  loudly to the to the leadership of Hamilton and the Province including the residence of

Comments welcome!


10  Provincial and Federal issues that effect Hamilton / Canadian Social / Political Issues / Canadian Space Technology on: March 28, 2008, 10:20:55 am
Sale of Canadian space technology
Canadians have invested $108 million in MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. A Canadian
Company....Now it aspires to sell the soul of Canada's most advanced technology to foreign ownership.
American defense  Contractor 's aim to purchase the Canaidarm and controls for more than $1.3 Billion
Crippling the Canadian Space program.
"Spec. March 05, 2008" Re;"Craig Wong, THE CANADIAN PRESS The Canadian Press, 2008"
An albatross that has been hung on Canadians as we sell off all our potential for fast cash. Historically
Canada has allowed our mining fortunes to be controlled by foreign investors. Educated our brightest
And failed to insure their viability in the country. Built highways and sold them to foreign conglomerates,
Fast returns, short on long term insight.
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd."is the only space company in Canada capable of building
Large satellites.......exclusive worldwide rights to data from the satellite, which was in part funded by
The Canadian Space Agency and can be used for such things as environmental monitoring, ice tracking,
Resource mapping, disaster management and marine surveillance" The American defense contractor 's
Aim to purchase For $1.325 billion. Which requires the approval of the Canadian Government, who is
Considering this sale.
(March 05, 2008 Craig Wong, THE CANADIAN PRESS, 2008")
At a time when Canadian northern sovereignty is in question and when the Northern Hemisphere is
Being divided by so many eyes, when the impact of wanting eyes may have significant and direct
Impacts on our country it's a great time to consider selling off the only technology that is available to
Monitor such, fast returns, short on long term insight. Marc Garneau, former head of the Canadian
Space Agency says, "if Canada sells that ability away, it would prevent the country from controlling its
Own technology, and might even open the door to a foreign company to keep secrets from Canada."
(March 23, 2008 The Canadian Press, 2008)
Canada like a flee market sells to the highest bidder, tour talents, our mineral resources, including
Our one and only means to insure the sovereignty of our country. The next major resource that will
Be on the table is our water and it the stream of things it will flow south with the gates situated below
The 49Th. Parallel. Perhaps consideration should be given to laying the Canadian flag on the table,
Before too long, like Johnny Cash song, one piece at a time. If we keep treading the same path the
Last piece won't be worth much...Canadian eh...on a desert without identity.


What do you think...?

Send Comments to:

11  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Re: What Says The Good Doctor? on: March 18, 2008, 09:21:28 pm
Well said... Grin
12  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Hamilton Council Censures Mitchell on: February 14, 2008, 10:49:20 am
Council censures Mitchell
February 14, 2008
Nicole Macintyre
The Hamilton Spectator
(Feb 14, 2008)

City council censured Councillor David Mitchell late last night for trying to influence a council decision on his own property.


Michell certainly crossed the floor along with the historical Mayor Di Ianni's election contributions. A former Flamborough councilor was granted a severance based on the facts that he was a bona fide farmer, a stretch of the imagination, when in fact he was a builder. "Mayor Fred Eisenberger has stated with regards to Mitchell, that this is a "defining moment" for council's integrity.

Though, not too long ago a councilor was threatened by a law suit when he changed his mind with regards to supporting a contractor involving the lister block. This act of a councilor being threatened was also against the Municipal act.

More compelling is the council use of in camera discussions on such matters, when such acts are public and are of public interest. The use of in camera are for the purpose of protecting the privacy of individual citizens and not elected figures.

Perhaps the idea of being in camera provides an impetus for such behavior, transparency concealed reveals a dark room for dark compromises.

Comments welcome!


13  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Bureaucrats out of financial control... on: January 22, 2008, 10:18:39 am
Bureaucrats out of financial control...

Hamilton being the catalyst at present with the highest tax and poverty rate in the country. This city has become an absorbing sponge,
that usurps the prime need of the individual. What has been discarded is that a city purpose is to serve the need of the community,
by dividing surplus wealth for the betterment of all. Like the new world of computers without a heart it's become the survival of inanimate
components. Where community democracy has embarked on a return journey to the past; as tyrant tax collectors at every corner until all
that is left are the rats...the poor and a falling skyline of what was....where even Robin hood has left the area, as farm lands are desolate.

This city taxed the downtown until their was no place to breath....wasted resources of the past; trapped in a political demijohn now choking
the balance for parking.....thoughts of implementing tax on private lots? Where do you think this will end.? When the city is empty....

Comments welcome!


14  Enterprising Students / McMaster/Mohawk and Student Projects / RevWear-Environment Sustainable on: January 21, 2008, 11:33:36 am

Michelle Bitran

Revolution Wear
Creating Change and Reusing Everything
By: Michelle Bitran

Revolutionary change isn’t easy to come by, but the local art scene in Hamilton is determined to make it happen, starting on the runway. RevWear, or Revolution Wear, is a student run initiative at McMaster University that annually brings together various artists from the Hamilton area to lend their talents in an effort to promote environmental sustainability and social awareness.

Though it began as the hobby of three young women, including former Mac student Sapphire Singh who later launched the RevWear Fashion Show, RevWear has quickly become an outlet for artists and activists who recognize the practical and revolutionary possibilities in making new clothing from recycled materials.

RevWear’s goal is to cut down on wastefulness and to promote social consciousness in the Hamilton community. The materials used to create the featured clothing include everything from old clothes, to plastic bags, and even various edible items. Also, the models are supplying their own make up for the Hamilton show in order to cut down on consumerism and to avoid excessive waste. And, for the Toronto show, RevWear will be pairing with make up artists and hair stylists from Aveda Salon, who are known for their commitment to preserving the environment.

As they gear up to launch the February 2008 show, this year’s RevWear organizers are working hard not only to put together a diverse range of socially and politically charged clothing designs, but also to integrate a variety of local performers and artists. The audience will be entertained by drum circles, spoken word artists, dance packs, and live music, all of which will be interspersed between themed collections of environmentally friendly and unique clothes.

The list of Hamilton talent performing at the show includes Tarek Ajak, Anthony Mayo, Samir Grover, and the Mac Dance Group. As well, at the after party following the Hamilton night show, audience members will have the chance to chat with the RevWear performers and organizers while sampling organic vegan treats and browsing through the work of local artists.

With about 20 designers displaying their work, this is RevWear’s biggest ever show. “I think we’ll get a huge turnout,” said Sonia Jind, director of the 2008 show and a fifth year Honours Psychology student at Mac. Jind has been working with RevWear since its inception in 2004.
Though she admits to having initially been drawn to the project more for the fashion aspect than anything else, Jind has since changed her tune. “I’ve met some of the most amazing people who’ve really changed me, being a part of RevWear has changed the way I think…The environmental aspect of the fashion show is most important to me now,” she said.

The recent popularity of eco-friendly fashion is helping RevWear take greater strides towards success. The fashion show which begun as a relatively low profile daytime event in McMaster University’s Student Centre, is traveling to reach Toronto audiences for the first time this year. “Toronto is only the first step. My goal is to eventually have every school having their own RevWear,” says Jind. Though a seemingly ambitious goal, with two years of sold-out shows under its belt, it will likely be only a matter of time before RevWear spreads to other schools and cities across Ontario.

It is refreshing to see local youth so socially aware and focused on effecting change in the community through the innovative and far-reaching approach of fashion. Even those primarily interested in the aesthetic appeal of the RevWear project will have the chance to open their minds to new and interesting ideas while contributing to the RevWear cause.

This year, RevWear organizers have decided to use all proceeds from the show in order to build sustainable relationships within the Hamilton community though the spread of creativity and skill-sharing. They will be providing a series of workshops by local professional artists as a way to provide a creative learning experience for community members who otherwise would not have had the means to access this kind of opportunity. RevWear is committed to strengthening the Hamilton community through action-oriented charity and to spreading the message of change and possibility.

The three show times for the RevWear fashion show are Thursday, Feb. 7th from 11:00 am-1:00pm at the McMaster University Student Centre (1280 Main St. West, Hamilton), Saturday, Feb. 9th from 8:00-10:00pm at The Pearl Company (16 Steven St., Hamilton), and Saturday, March 1st from 8:00-10:00pm at University of Toronto’s Innis Theatre (2 Sussex Ave., Toronto). There is a suggested $10 donation at the door.

For further information
Contact: revwear2008@gmail.com

Comments Welcome!


15  Hamilton Ontario City Issues / General City issues / Re: Where are we going...? on: January 15, 2008, 12:48:33 pm

Considering the predicted economic slump including the unpredictability with oil prices a reality that will dramatically impact on every
Personal, institutional and business it seems to me that at times such as this, when the uncertainties out weight the possibility of balance
It may be better to hold and maintain a steady hand rather than flaunting the hand of fate knowing this economic storm may contain
Many surprises that will only add to the already overburdened tax payer...
Perhaps the focus should be directed to deminishing the 20% poverty rate to 5%  and providing the 30% of those who leave this city
Daily with employment within the area, or at least reduce the 30% to 10%. ...
We can expand the Airport, spend millions on potential expansion with the hopes of one day collecting. There is no doubt that sewers
And water, including the wastewater plant but in the final analysis if millions in aid from the Feds or Prov. this city will become the most
Expensive and downtrodden City to live in...Without a broader employment base and unless this city expends it's energy  in attracting
New and vibrant employment there is no hope... Only desperation......

Comments welcome!


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