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Title: Subsidize Hamilton Farmers?
Post by: editor on September 28, 2007, 11:13:50 am
Subsidize Hamilton Farmers?
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Friday, September 28, 2007

Should the city continue to subsidize Hamilton Farmerís
Market parking at the York Boulevard parkade, so
drivers can park the first hour free?

The reality is, whether this is truly a farmers market or has it become a resellers market. Perhaps the tradition of this
market fails to meet the need for which it was intended. One of the major considerations that needs to be addressed is
whether this market serves the agriculture community or has it simply become an extension of a common flee market that
focus on the selling of produce. If the latter is more inline with the facts perhaps the city need to reexamine it's feasibility.
Perhaps reflecting on other farmers markets is other areas such as the Kitchener's farmers market. That is it's location,
accessibility to "farmers". The real issue here is not whether parking should be subsidized but whether this market truly
serves to draw local farmers and their produce to this City?

On the grand scheme of the sale of agriculture products over the past decades many farmers in the area have opened up
their own individual markets and or outlets. This should signify to this City that the present Farmers Market is either not
accessible or fails to meet the needs of local farmers by enlarge.

Therefore the question with regards to whether parking should be subsidized is a mute one. Taking everything into consideration
one needs to examine whether the Hamilton farmers market is truly a farmers market or just another grocery store? As a result
subsidizes for parking for such are contradictory with the present perception that they are encouraging or are towards the promotion
of local agriculture products. When in fact such subsidizes are supporting vendors and not the local farmers...

Consequently, such subsidizes are unfair to other grocery outlets within the city and do little in the overall promotion of  local
agriculture product.

What do you think..?
Comments appreciated