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Title: Quarry growth 'stunning betrayal
Post by: editor on December 08, 2006, 10:09:21 am
Quarry growth "stunning betrayal"

Ontario cabinet OKs
expansion plan for
ecologically significant
greenbelt site


By Christine Cox
The Hamilton Spectator
MILTON (Dec 8, 2006)

Environmentalists are outraged, is anyone really surprised? From the onset of this re-zoning, "Greenbelt"
has been designed to usurp individual rights, imbedding in province the total authority of excreting it's will
over property without the consent of the individual or of the community. In reality this re-zoning has little
to do with protecting the environment, it's a zoning that allows the Province to play politics with property
that it does not own. To be more direct, the provinces has further imbedded the fact that it is the land Lord
and that no one owns their property, we all have become tenants. Those that esteem to purchase a property
deed have simply become, "Glorified Tenants" with out rights. In fact the "Greenbelt" now violated by the
Ontario government has been nullified....the provincial government is in conflict with it's own bylaws.

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