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Title: Police arrest protesters
Post by: editor on November 21, 2006, 12:28:18 pm
Police arrest protesters
Christine Coax
(Nov 21, 2006)

"Arrests came after a peaceful demonstration by about 40 protesters," the rule of law. One that applies to some
and not to others. No one disrupted a town, burnt tires, closed highways, marshaled private property, harassed
a whole community and occupied with indignation and terror. Committing criminal acts as the province and federal
government stood in watch, for almost eight months and counting. But a single day of a peace protest, for peace, at
L-3 Wescam engaged the rule of law. While the occupation of the town of Caledonia, South of Hamilton is immune.
The bias of our legal system is clear, some laws apply to some and not to others, where rights and justice are quasi
interpretations charred in a political nightmare. Clearly your nationality and status determine the degree of justice
your entitled too, entwined in political rhetoric. Infused by whims and ideology that are driven by emotional candor,
rather than the ideal of justice for all.

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