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Title: Liberal leadership- 2006
Post by: editor on June 26, 2006, 01:01:18 pm
Ignatieff chides Tories over Caledonia

By Rob Faulkner
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 26, 2006)

“Liberal leadership”

Ignatieff said "I'm critical of the general silence of the federal government here,....it's crucial to strike a balance between
the rule of law and a "serious aboriginal claim ... that has to be respected."

Though I am not indoctrinated into one political party it must be said, that the history of native land claims have spanned all
political parties. For Ignatieff to beat the drum of the “rule of law” with respect to the native issue represents a benign rhetorical
statement considering the past historical corruption of the Liberal Party.

There is no doubt that Stephen Harper should have taken a greater active role with this issue but if the liberal’s foothold in this
campaign is solely based on criticism, it speaks volumes with regard to rebuilding a party that has been tied to corruption with
total disregard to our finances and with programs like gun control. If Ignatieff is the golden boy to elevate the Liberal Party into
the ranks of integrity, perhaps he should explain why his party failed to resolve such issues over the tenure in which his party was
in power and rather than simply being critical, expand on what he would do if elected.

If the foundation of the Liberal Party leadership race is based on issues that reinforce that governments are flawed, we are all
aware of such. Mr. Ignatieff, tell us what you would do...prove to us that you will follow through...give me back my country,
not Canadian ships flying foreign flags.

What do you think...?

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