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Title: Province, Caledonia couple settlement
Post by: editor on December 31, 2009, 01:19:25 pm
Province, Caledonia couple settlement
Hamilton Spectator CALEDONIA (Dec 31, 2009) -

"The Ontario government has suddenly settled a lawsuit
with a family that was suing Queen's Park"

I disagree that such settlements should remain confidential;
In particular when it involves the tax payers monies. Moreover,
This situation  regardless of the pay out, the court should have
Made a ruling due to the facts that such is in the public's interest.
The facts in this case are a prime example of how the system
Avoids responsibility. A ruling would have clarified for the
Public what they are entitled  to when it comes to protection
From the state.  As things stand it seams that, the courts are
Feeding into political shades that supports, our protection
Services are determined based on political  reasoning rather
Than the fiduciary responsibility of the police act.